What happen here?

I made a map last day some terrain some objects and some resources . I close the game .I open it today and the terrain just grew by itself ???


Your map is cursed


Too much sunlight.


As someone already stated, too much sunlight. You need to limit your photo period to about six to eight hours per day or you can expect some blooms like the one above. Some maps do require more light than others (hawaii) and some less (carpat), also some people just prefer these overgrown looks. Your best bet at this point is to start over, as it seems your map wasn’t established enough for this mistake to be detrimental.


Leave the map like this and call it the self growing map.

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Wait, i’m confused. How does lighting affect terrain?!

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Changing the lighting won’t fix the map, but it would make the screenshot prettier. Froggo is just nitpicking.

I’m curious as to what the heightmap looks like now.


H e l l

The Smooth tool is your best friend right now.

Terrain Wall Arena

Smooth tool would be useful though to try and correct most of it but you may have to redo certain areas. Might want to start backing up files incase this happens again.

Activate Windows
Go to Settings to activate Windows.

This map is 100% cooler than whatever you were planning and I want to play it N O W

I think I just going to make some small light adjustment and post it on the workshop like that , suggestions?

Is that stone? I’d recommend changing all the stone to road, or replace all of it with grass.

Thats Sand?

Oh, I couldn’t tell because of the lighting.

Should I put a very dense tree and palms forest?

Put this to the workshop please

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Delete System32

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