What happened to the old unturned 2 “slender man model”

So after going through the devlogs again I’m wondering what happened to the tall model. I know some people complained that it was to tall and different but it still allowed for better looking animations because the arms don’t take up a chunk of the screen.

-edit: I would also like to note that when unturned 2 development first began, the character model was like the Unturned 3 model except a bit thinner. Then it was switched to the tall one and back to the OG so I’m wondering about that too.

The tall model was reworked due to people complaining that it was too noodle-like. The current model isn’t technically the same, but it does look very similar.


Yeah but wouldn’t the skinny model be better for animations? It did look new and weird but we could’ve gotten used to new look for the unturned character.

Here is a link to the discussion thread on it.

Devlog #019 also discusses the character model. Specifically, the jump from v2 to v3.

It is worth mentioning that while the current model bears a closer resemblance to the U3 model, it is still noticeably slimmer, particularly with the hands. Models and animations are also generally less obstructed than they were before, though I share your concerns and anticipate room for improvement.

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