"What Happened to UK?"

Some of you may already know this, but development on the insane size UK project has been halted. The map is too large, and too boring of a layout for me to happily release (or work on for that matter).

Do not take this as UK being canceled, but rather evolving into a form that is easier to work with and more entertaining as a whole. I was getting burned out far too easily with the original as it was too much work for me to handle. In its place I will be creating a new large-sized map set in the UK, in the countries of Wales and England. I’ll be releasing screenshots as I go, but so far the map is feeling much meatier and fun to work with. The map will follow a much looser and free layout than the original, and will reuse many locations and all assets from the original map, so the prior development isn’t wasted.

The map will be set roughly 1 year after the outbreak, and due to its proximity to the outbreak larger quantities of ammunition will be available, making the map have better pvp gameplay.

Thank you guys for sticking with the project for all these years.

For now, here is a teaser for the new map.

all images are subject to change as the map progresses in development


Love the verticality of town in the second pic. I’ll be sure to add the Channel Tunnel in France now!


Agreed, this is something we don’t often see.

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I’m glad you changed your project. Seeing you work on such a big, insane-sized curated-level map with custom assets while being only solo was tough. Good luck with your new endeavors!

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I don’t think time was wasted because you clearly have become very skilled in level design


Ah yes, the anglos, famous for their high civillian gun ownership.

the military exists within the lore of the map, as do hunters and farmers

Are you planning to reuse all existing assets or are you just using a part of those?

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