What i would love to see new/fixed in Unturned 4.0

First things first i gotta say both Unturned 2.0 and 3.0 were and are great games and loved both of them since the first version (not including the 1.0 roblox mod xD) but for a detail maniac like me there are some things that hurt my brain when i see them in games , especially popular games.

  1. Object collision: I think the thing that annoys me the most is that there ain’t much solid object collision, things just go through each other, for example when you have Backpack and a rifle in your back the weapon just goes through the backpack model and the character model when you move or stay in a weird position.

2.No more model render glitch: I’m sure it happened to everyone that lowers down the setting to get more fps and then in the distance there’s a base and it’s not fully loaded and you can see the players inside or some lockers and other stuff you shouldn’t see; Or when you go in third person and go back and forth against a wall to see what’s inside , that’s really game breaking

3.Vehicle model X Backpacks : You’re in the backseat of a car or helicopter/plane or boat and you look at the driver and the driver is wearing a backpack which is inside the driver’s seat.
I have no idea how it’s possible to solve this without making the character stay akwardly in the sit i fooled around a little in unity and blender but the only solution i found that seemed relatively easy and looked ok (i didn’t try in game , i can’t code) was to make the backpack stay on the seat rather than your shoulders

4.Every pvp players’ hell: lets say you are in a close combat and you hide in a house on one side of the door and you are looking in third person or you are hinding behind wood fence or a base in third person looking to see when that person is going to come so you can also come out and shoot them, ok don’t see a problem there? Of course , you, as the person hiding can’t see any problem but the other person who is attacking can see either your head or your gun glitching through the wall and: a) he knows your possition, you are 90% dead
b) he can shoot you THROUGH THE WALL!
I’ve also exploited this and been exploited by this and seen the glitch be exploited in military bases in the sniper towers where if the person is crawling (Z) and he is looking down you can see his hands and you can shoot him, also this will 100% happen if you are hiding behind baricades.

That was my main problems with the game that i think they need to be solved in the next version of the game, even THOUGH i won’t be able to play the since it will be made in UE4 which requires a minim gtx 670 GPU and 4gb of ram and etc. processor and i am already struggling to play the game 3.0 on the lowest resolution and settings i would like to see these problems fixed and watch the game on youtube or twitch.

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