What if maps would have stories?

What if every map would tell a story, not only, with notes, but with surroundings like barricades in a town indicating that civilians were trying to defend their selves from the apocalypse, but they failed due to the lack of food and ammunition, and that’s why I created this Topic.

For example:

  • Areas where everything started!

These areas would probably don’t have ammunition or any firearm, only at least some gardening equipment(depends on location)
and a small amount of food, indicating that everyone who lived here was living as normal until the zombies came, these areas are lacking any vehicle because everyone tried to escape, there are a lot of zombies around here and barely any loot.

  • The military failure

After the very highly infected areas, you will find small military barricades overran by zombies, indicating(I’m going to use that word a lot)the military was too confident, that they will win, but in the end, it got out of control, and now there are even more zombies. Military loot is very rare, because of some of the soldiers surrendered.

  • The lack of food.

After the military has failed to defend small villages and towns, now the farmers are in danger, most of them escaped to bigger towns with their family, bus some brave farmers decided to fight against them
and now they joined the undead army

  • Civilians and the army

After the farms, you probably find barricaded towns with military weapons and civilian firearms(and with a lot of zombies), meaning that the civilians decided to stop it, joined with the military, to stop the infection (like safe zones, but overran) farmers and other peoples from villages, also decided to join these safe zones, with the hope to stop it ,the defended the towns for a very long time ,but failed due to lack of food and ammunition ,civilians and soldiers weak and without ammunition ,got overran by the hordes of zombies ,so now all of them got infected.

  • The real idea

These areas would tell the player the full story of what happened in area or country.
This is only my idea in some places the story would be different(depends on location)

  • Thank you for reading it!
    Have a nice day! Goodbye!

Your idea is indeed good, in Unturned 3.0 I feel that this is missing, a post-apocalyptic ambience, showing that civilians and military have reacted but failed.
I personally hope that Unturned II has things like that, this setting undoubtedly gives a bigger dip, which I personally like.


I guess,

Most of what you are asking for comes in the form of detailing on the mapmaker’s part. Due to the success of curated maps, I am sure Nelson will (once people get a good grasp on the engine) introduce maps primarily from the community. This is more or less a suggestion for the people making maps rather than the guy making the game.

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We need to have more interactive lore, not just in the form of notes. We also need more quests as well as AI to interact with. Other than that I like this suggestion!

Epic idea my Hungarian brother

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IM pretty sure we have that already

IIRC, the reason official maps in Unturned 3.X have so little destruction and fortification is because at one point Nelson Sexton wanted those to be signs of player presence, rather than signs of a deeper lore. Not saying that it should or shouldn’t be that way in Unturned II, just thought it would be worth thinking about.


Ngl it should be the other way around. It is a zombie apocalypse after all, and with such a large RP community I am sure many people want to see more lore!

From my understanding, the RP community does not revolve around lore, they revolve around the game’s sandbox elements.

Not that I’m not a lore-freak myself, but this feels like a missassociation. The game should have good lore because U3’s is a bit haphazardly put together, very few actually know it proper, and good lore is good. :slight_smile:


The problem with U3 is that the lore is scattered all over each map in the form of quests, notes, and similar stuff. It is literally scattered over multiple maps, with many plot-holes and gaps in general. U4 should have a proper lore/quest system, and explain what happened and what is going on in the game better!

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