What if the militaries of Unturned fought each other?

(Man it’s been a while…)

This matter has been circling in my head for a while now,and I would like to hear your opinions on it too.

So,if the Militaries of each country/map in Unturned went to war with each other,which one(s) do you think would have the most chances on winning,and which one would eventually win?


  • No alliances,this is a FFA fight.
  • No bias,base you choice(es) on facts (Equipment,vechicles etc.).
  • Coalition,IFR,Omega and Hawaii coast guard excluded
  • No prototypes (Shadowstalker for US,focus guns for France,acid gun for Belgium)
  • Everyone has the fighter jet and the flamethrower
  • Real life facts (Size,county’s economy,nuclear power etc.) don’t matter.(Obviously)
  • You can make a ranking list if you desire so.
  • No politics,we’re just having fun here

Personally,I believe that the top competitors would be:a)Greece,more than decent weaponry,pretty good vechicles,the spartan,the only APC that can actually defend itself ,and of course,the Cerberus (That thing is stupid OP)

b)France,very good vechicles,a lot of decent guns.

But I believe that France would eventually win due to the sheer variety and srength of it’s equipment.


Coalition because it has a god damn aircraft carrier and seemingly unlimited fighter jets.

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With all the exclusions and exceptions I’m really not sure there’s much to compare or what basis we’re supposed to use to compare them.

@anon24515308 Each military has different quality and quantity of vehicles and weapons,I know that this is not some sort of extremely well thought out topic,just wanted to hear opinions.


Also,the Cerberus and other vechicles can make quick work of the jets due to their relatively slow speed for a jet.

This kinda happened, people used to make military rp and it’s bery close to this

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Carpat Train Station



The blimps look like clouds tbh

ik right, not even a fucking fight. Yeah sure Russia has size and Canada has maplestrike but how can they compare to the best economy in the world?



I think none of them would win, because you excluded all the militaries with functioning humans and left it all up to zombies, who cant wield guns, and are too far to physically wage war.


tl;dr: from best to worst, Germany → Russia → United States → Canada

My personal amendments to the rules:

  • excluding all curated maps
  • excluding Coalition and Syndicate (both only exist with the infection)
  • including Scorpion-7 and Big (predate the infection)
  • only Germany (obvious) and Russia (evidenced) have the Fighter Jet
  • canonical handling of infection is a basis for “competency” even if the actual infection is non-canon for this fight
  • miscellaneous strategic resources in the region (even if not used by the military or available to the player) are fair game

Germany would win under these conditions, followed by Russia. The United States (US) would most likely be third, with Canada in fourth (and last) place.

If the US and Canada had an alliance, then they would likely still be last place.


Germany's military has easily been the most competent and the most unified during their canonical response to the infection.
  • They were also more willing to employ morally-questionable tactics (e.g., blowing the dam) in order to ensure their greater success. For months, German citizens were able to experience a relatively-normal lifestyle even with the outbreak occurring in the rest of the world, where nations like Russia had quickly fallen apart within the first couple of days.

Russia’s military was less “competent”, with significant infighting that led to the internal siege on Silo 22. The Russian military achieved very little before the Coalition could arrive and make significant efforts towards rebuilding the area. The military also failed to lockdown airports, despite having a day to have learned about the incident in Washington.

The US (Washington map) is known to have at least set up an evacuation point, and have had better intelligence information (e.g., Scorpion-7 bioweapons, Polysol Federation, etc.) than other nations.

Canada hasn’t done that much. They very quickly lost nation-wide communication, and PEI’s method of slowing the outbreak (destroying the Confederation Bridge) was rather useless. Yukon is similarly pitiful.


Germany and Russia have a majority of the best equipment available to them.
  • You could argue that Germany’s might even be a bit better overall.

Canada and the US don’t have that much to use, and what they do have is basically what everyone has. I would say that Canada’s arsenal is better than the US’ arsenal, however.


Germany has achieved space flight, and can repurpose their spaceflight facility for exclusively warfare. They also have a space station, and the ability to create teleportation devices.
  • These space rockets were capable of accidentally destroying a city. Aside from military installations, they also have Neuschwanstein Castle which is impervious to many attempts at destruction. There’s also a large dam.

Russia has nuclear facilities, nuclear missile silos, and nuclear submarines.
  • They also have a large oil rig, and canonically the Arms Shipment comes from a massive Russian stockpile of weapons. They have many large-scale nuclear fallout bunkers.

Canada has several Scorpion-7 sites, which could be used to improve war efforts.
  • The Shadowstalker Mk. II was canonically built by Scorpion-7, and Scorpion-7 is known to have various bioweapons as developed for Big J. Scorpion-7’s headquarters might be in Canada, but would not be in British Columbia (which does not have a Scorpion-7 facility at all).

The US has Polysol Federation salvage, and may be able to employ their extraterrestrial spacecraft.
  • They also has a blimp and submarine in Washington. Scorpion-7’s headquarters might be in the US.
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United States, you mean the Republic of Washington right?


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