What if the shovel actually worked?

imagine if we could dig holes in the ground using shovels? and then build underground bases. or we could just dig little holes in the ground which we could hide in and build tunnel systems like moles. i think that would be kinda funny lol

This has been suggested a lot. It’d probably be pretty hard to implement


This is a very cool idea, but it’s Probably gonna be hard to Implement, what I think would be a better idea if small Mineable hills would Randomly spawn in some parts of the map so you could dig your self a little cove for your self

how would it be hard to implement? can’t he just make it so when you attack the ground with a shovel, a small portion of the ground disappears?

It’s not the implementation itself that’s so difficult, it’s the balance around it. What’s to stop me from digging out inescapable holes under spawn points (or around them if safezoned), or excavating massive portions of a map. It’ll eventually have to reset, right? If so, tunnels and underground bases are going to be useless, and if not, It’ll eventually lead to the entire map just becoming a giant quarry.

I’m sure Nelson has thought up better solutions to the digging question before, but it’s a feature that historically opens up a ton of other problems, such as the other great example of ‘how to deal with sleeping players if that was to be implemented’.

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Nothing is that easy when you have to code it.
If it was easy, it would’ve been a part in other games, especially AAA.
Destruction and terrain deformation are about as difficult to implement into game, as realistic water physics.

Nelson already said in the interview with ZoomB that digging into the map probably won’t be a thing. I do think tho shovels should have a use as a weapon and it could build things like sandbag hills and garden plots. Maybe we won’t be able to just plant plants directly into grass but need farmable soil, or at least the soil would just be better for the plants.

I am thinking it would be cool to have the shovel be like a building tool for digging style objects. Nothing below the map or into it, but like I said above it would be buildable’s above ground.

This is a total speculation but I am guessing lootable items like hammers, shovels, hoes, and knives will have more utility and in return be a lot more valuable for survival and everyday activities like building, gardening, crafting, and cleaning animals.

I think items being needed for things like this add a lot to the survival in a survival game. If we look at something like 3.0, players can just plant, build, and collect animal parts without tools excluding the saw and blowtorch. Which both are very useful items. I think this feature in particular is a big supporting factor to 3.0 not being focused on survival (along with others). Players can easily with nothing get out of a lot of survival situations without tools.


Similar to your sandbag idea, i think if this WAS to be implemented, it should have a limit of 2 deformations. Let’s say, you need to make a hole to hide in, you use the shovel 4 times you make a shallow hole enough for a prone player to hide in and the other 4 are for crouched. After that the depth limit is reached and you can’t dig anymore.
That would be fun if you’re out in the open or raiding/defending a base, just making a temporary mini trench to take some cover in. And i say temporary, because the holes will be reset after 10-15 minutes.


I was talking about above ground dirt mounds and sandbags. I am pretty confident there will be no digging of any kind into the map even if its minor.

i have an easy solution. every time you dig a little bit, 20% of the shovels durability goes away

mmmm, entrenchment?

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