What in ur opinion makes the perfect server?


So I have an SemiRP server
And I’m struggling to get active player’s

What in your opinion makes a good server/what would you guys like to see in an SemiRP server?
And is it even worth it to keep an unturned server active?
Not even my staff is active :confused:

My server Discord if someone wants to take a look :yum:



Workshops maps are awesome

Normal mode but more forgiving. No skill loss but rarer loot. There should be a safe zone that you can’t raid in. Admins should be nice and help players, even spawn in planes and stuff to do dog fights ect, don’t worry about too much abuse. Build a good community in your server with loyal players. Also modded weapons are fun, giving out rifles (not assault rifles) is fun, and adds variety. Also add modded vehicles and base building objects.



Link server, people might play if you give them stuff.



Hello JakeTheFrench,
I’m sincerely sorry you are having trouble with your startup. I can’t speak for a majority of people, however I will humor your with my opinion.

Your server is a SemiRP server. I personally wouldn’t ever touch it due to the term “SemiRP”.
SemiRP is a very loose term, without a defined line between the normal game and RP everyone is in for a bad time due to the mix of normal players and RP’ers sharing the server.

My solution is to decide whether you want to be a regular server or an RP server. I suggest normal server because typically they are much easier to moderate. Until you get an active/loyal staff team I wouldn’t recommend an RP server.

Good luck bud.



Thanks for the suggestions :grin:

We call it SemiRP
Because it’s an Survival server with safezones

But what you’re saying makes sense
Thank you :yum:

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Just add safezone in the title somewhere, but don’t call it semi rp, just call it survival with safe zones or something more creative.

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Makes sense

Thank you :yum: :+1:



any server without players is best server



Any server without you is the best server

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but i don’t really play unturned, so i guess you don’t need to worry



Solid rules that give the server some order, but aren’t too forced so that the players can enjoy themselves.
Staff that doesn’t suck up to players and the owner and whatnot, but staff that are ready to be the executors when the players cross the line and that oppose the owner when he/she comes up with a stupid idea or wants to make a troublemaker into staff, just because he/she gets well along with them.
An owner that will absolutely, never, ever make someone staff for the sole reason of them being his/her friend. Whether they’re a real life or met through the web.
An owner that listens to the wishes of the players and then acts on them using reason. And he/she must neither suck up to or neglect their players.


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