What Is a Weak Computer For Nelson?

what requisits are Need to play Unturned II?

your either saying requirements or revists

i also dont understand what your saying.

is it how to get unturned ll or what is required for unturned ll?

It’s not yet set in stone but iirc Nelson tossed out the figure that if you can run 3.0 at maximum graphics you will be able to run UII at minimum graphics. Still though, it’s not set in stone so don’t go buying computer parts just yet (wait for amd 7nm)

He’s talking about required PC elements to run untured II (CPU, GPU, RAM etc…)

The requirements or requisits as you say aren’t known yet but I think that if you gave like an I5 and 4Go or 6Go of RAM you would be able to run unturned II(those are things I say in my head those requirements aren’t official and we don’t know for now what system requirements you need to run UNTURNED II)

Where and when did he say that?

There’s no minimum requirements as it hasn’t been determined yet, but just assume that you need the low modern gaming standard of something like 3ghz processor speed and 8gb ram (And other hardware parts are important too).

Just make sure it isn’t a budget/average laptop.

What’s your current hardware? Someone could probably tell you the likelihood of it being sufficient.

Nelson wants the game with performance better than 3.0 even with the better graphics and he’s working hard at it so most likely the minimum requirements will be the same as the current ones with some more detailed specs like i3 4gb ram, integrated video some specs with memory and GPU speed.

If I can’t run 4.x max at 120fps 1440p + with my hardware, I will be dissapointed.
3.0 runs sub 40 at max 1440p. When game like bf1 runs 120+ and 60+ with rtx.

I5 4460 3.20GHz
Geforce 210
8G Ram
64 Bit

a weak computer is a weak computer

ok but, Nelson live in Canada, a rich country, and for he i think a weak computer is not so bad

That’s not how that works. Hardware is universal.

And, regardless of that, a country’s economy does not mean everyone has the most expensive luxuries. That’s not how economies work.


A geforce 210 would never be able to run anything well, I am pretty sure the 210 is the worst card on the market period. An i5 is decent I wouldn’t worry about the processor but 8 gbs of ram? I personally think you would be able run with 8gbs but not on any high settings.

I looked up the prices of these parts and despite what you imply in your posts that is a very cheap build to make, I could get a 210 for 30 bucks, the ram is 55 mim and the pricy bit is the i5 (even though it a tiny bit outdated)

I would recommend upgrading your ram and graphics just to be sure.
If you want to get a new computer at all message me and I could get you a part list

But is a Gt 710 ok for running the game?

I agree with you on the gt 210 but 8gb is great for all current games are starting to recommend 16gb but 8gb for the unturned II with almost 100% sure can run unturned II at the most,.Although unturned II has had several graphical advances the style of the models of everything is still light but you are totally certain about the 210 gt is very weak.

i run Just Cause 2 on low in 30 FPS, i think i can play Unturned II in the medium

i really hate my GeForce 210 but i think i can run it on medium

I know how it is ,I have a intel hd 520 i3 4gb is pretty weak but i get to play in the unturned low of ii it will perform better than 3.0 that i’m sure but i want to put 8gb to boost performance,I managed to put the grass of 3.0 in the ultra without having loss of performance only I get a considerable gain if put in 800x600 3.0 is an example of game not optimized what UII will be the opposite in the low reminds me roblox