What is it?

Could any weapons expert tell me what this square in the eagle fire is ?, I thought it would be a support for bandolier but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Huh, just checked. Can’t actually get my char to charge the gun with the charging handle. Would have told me if it was attached to it or the upper. My guess is sling-ring.

Charging handle is pulled during the equip animation, and I can confirm the mystery square is attached to it. My guess is that it’s a hook for the charging handle, but it definitely doesn’t look much like one.

Well shit, I really did not pay much attention then.
Aight then what the fuck is is. Why point any sort of mounting point on there?
EDIT: What on earth is going on here…

Still have no idea why the color is different though.

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So it really is an (aftermarket) charging handle. The fuck why tho. Is it really a mounting point or just muh skeletonized charging handle for those sweet sweet weight-savings?


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