What is the background of Unturned's story?


Recently, I was fascinated by the background of Unturned’s story. What kind of organization is the Big J Alliance organization, how the virus leaks, and the relationship between the maps, these can only look at the logs of each map translated by others to guess, but Found that it is not enough. It seems that many people have no specific research and analysis on this, saying that the author Nielsen is playing a big game in the next game.


Check out @SirAdy on youtube, he may provide you with the answers you seek.


Some regards in a lab decided to create a virus, used human test subjects, and one escaped and somehow they couldn’t kill it.


u are wrong.


Ok what the hell, like I’ve heard people call him “Benson” before, but Nielsen? What’s next? Neeson? :thinking: Sorry but this just cracked me up.


We need another killing puppies thread.