What is the wackiest thing you've done with the squad in Unturned 3.0?

3.0 is a fun game, soloing is alright but when you and all the squad are all gathered on a roleplay/pvp/survival server, what is the wackiest/stupidest/funniest things you’ve done?

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Mine was we tried to put couches on every police car on an rp server

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A few players, myself included, set out to build a massive 50x50x50 superstructure with a room for every player.

As you can probably imagine, the server really started chugging before we’d even finished a quarter of it and the server manager had to download the nuke mod just to get rid of it.


back when 3.0 was just out (i mean like no zombies early), my friends and i hopped on a server and set to monopolize the eaglefires and rule over the server with an iron fist

we succeeded. it was amazing.


I hopped on an RP server and decided to RP as Bob Ross.

We walked into the nearest town and in the bank someone left 70k in cash lying on the ground. (about a weeks worth of grinding)

So we quickly ran from the bank and overheard one of the players going “Where’s my money.”

10 minutes later, I get taken into a hostage situation and while the criminal was distracted I whacked his head with a pickaxe, killing him instantly.

I thanked the police for their work and walked out a hero.

We hopped onto an ATV that we found and rode off into the sunset.

It was at that moment that we realized we were still both naked.

Good memories…


Sometime in the past couple years I was playing with a few people on either Russia or Germany. We were looting a farm and a naked guy with a chainsaw saw us and started to chase us while screaming into his microphone. None of us had any guns with ammo so we had a fist-fight while he continued to scream. If I remember right the screaming continued even after he died.

Encountering a female player


WoW!! That is wacky!!! :sunglasses: :joy: :joy:
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One of the best times I probably ever had was playing on a Yukon server with MoltonMontron and NSTM, until it all went wrong because of abusive server owners.

Clearly one of the maps I enjoy playing the most :mountain_snow:

My friends and I once glitches the map and make an impenetrable ghetto underground base.

Take that raiders.

I lived under the floor of a 10 man groups base for 3 weeks with 2 other people on a pve server and they only used crates so we would regularly steal from them only to hear them scurry about searching for their stolen items.

Me and the boys handcuffed an innocent child in striped pyjamas, then proceeded to smack his head with a fire axe, run him over in our Ural, then gave him a nice car ride to a disclosed location where we sacrificed him to a mega zombie. We had it all documented on tape.

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I was playing on an Arena server with some of the people from the Unturned Wikia Discord group, and eventually found that if I jumped repeatedly right when the game starts lagging because everyone is spawning into new locations simultaneously I could fall through the ground and swim to the safezone without ever worrying about fighting other players.

SirAdy and friends torture a boy in striped pyjamas.

When will that tape be declassified?

I want to watch this.

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