What is your most embarrassing moment on this forum hehe


I have none :sunglasses:
Is this post as strange as the ‘‘new kids’’ or the ‘‘pesky’’ posts? c:
(I’m sorry pesky)


ughhhhh dude stop it, get some help


Perhaps when I created the weeb containment zone? Though it was called something else for a while…

Or perhaps when I posted a bunch of images at 2 am thinking people would like using them as memes.

I’ve been here for a long time, so I’m not sure.


no u


when i crashed the fucking forums
sorry @MoltonMontro


Why did you put Pesky’s name in speech marks?blasphemy


I win


because he’s know (to me) for making some strange posts/memes c:


every time i post or write some thing why ?


Whenever I make a meme and it doesn’t get 10+ likes


the first reply is pretty funny though


My Sweden dev thing.


my most embarrassing is when i joined that thread.
might make a 2.0 for shits and giggl, i mean more shits


If a second is made, it will be my responsibility


I deleted 200 posts worth over 1000 likes :upside_down_face:


umfana omuhle yarrrr


umfana omuhle yarrrr


yarrr saying the n word


Literally this


Yarrr, those dead posts are coming back to haunt you.