What is your opinion on Sharpshooter?

Without a doubt I think we can all agree that Sharpshooter makes quite an impact on the game and its players.
I am curious to see what the community thinks about the skill.

I have arranged a strawpoll here, however you may elaborate your opinion on the thread if you feel it is right.

Use the discord function

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Use the discord function

lel xd funny meme
No but seriously, I made this thread for people that know how to express their thoughts correctly.

sharpshooter should either have substantially less bearing on recoil control or it should only effect visual recoil (i.e. the bobbing the gun does independent of the camera)

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Well said, I was thinking the same thing.
Has sharpshooter been discussed before btw? @Whistleblower

not that i know of
also why did you reply and at me
i can’t believe you’ve done this

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Im a strange man, the kind that talks down memers

Tone down the bonuses so guns aren’t much of a cake walk like in the current version


Honestly, in my opinion, you can’t change sharpshooter without changing guns as a whole.

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Max out sharpshooter and every gun you have becomes a laser gun. No recoil.
I believe Sharpshooter should affect the accuracy of the gun on hip fire only. While having an EXTRA skill called “Stability” where it helps with recoil control.

I like that post except for the part where you introduced the Stability skill.
Wouldn’t people just max out sharpshooter and stability and we run into the same problem again?

But then spending double the amount of EXP from Sharpshooter would be that small barrier.

Though I do get your point, less recoil, less skill required