What is your personal guess of 4.0 beta release date?

edited with a /s, never thought I would do such a filthy thing

Nah,classic Molton,taking everything to the next level.
Joking aside,this looks pretty logical to be honest.

I would say december 2018 for a first playable beta

Wow I really want to see thoses turned

I just feel that…It may not be a good reason, but it probably is.

june, 12th 2010

1st april 2020-2021

spring 2019

no explanation, just a wild guess

October 30th 2087
edit, this is the date I meant. Thanks for reminding me on accident Harvest :stuck_out_tongue:
October 23, 2077

It’ll be released alongside HL2 Ep3, Cyberpunk 2077, Star Citizen, KOTOR 3, Shrek 21, the Minecraft Movie 2, and Despacito 69

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Is it actually that hard to read the first line of the thread ?

I am serious tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not meming I’m just trying to be optimistic.

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image <-- like a week old but still


Who would likely be the recipients of the first closed beta?


Probably some of his family or hell even the community

Can I report you because you’re a duck you’re a lying commie?PSX_20180715_085830

s’cuse you im not a lying commie m8

heres evidence of where i live

see! totally accurate to where i live. Its Russia

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