What isn't a problem in Unturned and what is (mainly a 3rd person rant)

Things that i have seen as problems in unturned as well as ones that have been suggested to be improved but from my insight dont need fixing

Gun balance
guns actually feel quite balanced rite now and remember rarities
PvP vs Survival
This is one i am quite worried to put up here, but basically nelson cant control servers using op kits and in my eyes unturned should be a faster paced survival game rather than a slow paced pve game. survival has its place in unturned but player combat is what really gives unturned its spice. like seriously if you want pve no kos roleplay swat vs police there are servers for that and if you want a raw survival experience there are some servers plus single player. But i definitely agree that there should be official vanilla servers because not every vanilla server is good with good ping and there are not enough rite now. but speaking of single player…

Single player:
Single player is way to easy once you get a base set up and there is really nothing to do no progression to see
Third Person:
My arch nemesis, third person is soo broken and ruins 99% of player interactions, before i give reasons i need to say… dont tell me to play on 1st person only servers there are hardly any servers and 3rd person is so broken it has no place on any server in this game.
Its OP
Well lets just see what i can do with third person
I can look around trees and corners without exposing any of myself. Because why nobody wall hacks in unturned? wall hacks are built in that is why
I can prefire around trees with a supa accurate laser beam because i can shoot in third person as well
I get free binos as third person zooms me in
I basically remove the view model of iron sights as shooting in third person feels like exactly that

Lets just simplyfy each of these points
Would any of these be allowed in any game like CSGO, TF2, Overwatch, Dirty bomb, etc
Peeking around corners without exposing your self and feeling like a hacker
Getting free zoom
Getting free zoom while shooting
Getting free zoom whilst shooting and peeking around corners
Getting free zome whilst shooting, peeking and completely removing the view model of the iron sighted gun

Like seriously
I know this topic is quite messy but give me a break

Please fix: God almighty Nelson Sexton Forever King Powerful ruler Lord and Saviour



Yeah surely it’s balanced that almost all weapons have 99 Zombie damage, enough to kill almost all kinds of zombies in 1 shot in the head. You would wonder why noone gives a damn about zombies in the current game


@Yarrrr I am mainly talking about gun balance in pvp here but i completely agree
Zombies in the current game are way too easy even megas which is the big problem. i think pvp plays a vital role in utnruend, but pve needs to be difficult along side it

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First off this was a chore to read, I’d recommend formatting your future posts better.

That said I agree third person is stupidly broken as it is in 3.0 right now. However the problem extends to various deep flaws in what is currently regarded as a PvP centric game. For example, the guns aren’t as balanced as you think - there’s a lot of stat discrepancies and caliber types in 3.0 make almost zero sense. On top of that I could go on with issues about the guns themselves, but that’s besides the point.

Third person as it is right now is definitely a bit cheat, but there’s no quick fix unfortunately. Even flat out removing third person would have repercussions of its own.


Wow ok i forgot to add what i would do to fix third person

OK so what i would do is remove the slight zoom in and the crosshair from third person, and also when you are close to a wall the camera sorta moves in to prevent sneaky peeking around corners

I understand that nelson my god almighty has 4.x to do but it would be nice to see things like this removed

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Removing the zoom boost would be smart. Also, there is an experimental feature currently in 3.0 where the third-person camera is not to the side, but rather, fixed to the center behind the character. This makes wall peeking more cumbersome.

Either way in 4.0 I’m sure third person will receive a significant nerf, we’ve already seen some adjustments in early demos.

Is this in the preview branch?
I’m too lazy to check myself.

CALLING ALL FIRST PERSON FRISKIES! If unturned II has an over powered third person, then hope still isn’t lost. Let it be our chance to start off our new game with healthy pvp mechanics by boycotting overpowered third person servers! This will give first person servers a better chance to thrive, and encourage server owners to set up first person (or balanced third person) servers.

THIRD PERSON THICKSKULLS If you want any chance of being regarded as ‘good’ at pvp, then you must play first person. First person will certainly become the default mode for competitive pvp

Of course, this excludes any servers that include mods that make third person balanced. Let us band together to boycott and eliminate the worst mechanic in unturned since hacking. If you care about the future of unturned II, regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion or first-person-ness; you will join us. Let us band together to encourage a healthy unturned pvp and competitive scene in Unturned II

What do i want to do to third person
What do I myself want for third person , i want it to be fixed; with the ability to peek corners removed by making the camera ‘move closer’ when near a wall, and the ability to aim in third person removed (which will fix the free zoom as well)

So, what does third person actually do?
It allows you to peek corners

Pretty much what it says on the title, third person allows you to peek trees, corners, rooftops and all that.

It perfectly accounts for parallax, a problem in the next point as well

this isn’t necessarily a problem, you still can’t shoot around trees and corners. However in close quaters if your crosshair in 3rd person is on the guy, there is no object between you two and he is not behind (more than 90 degrees from your center screen) in 1st person view you will hit them

It reduces perceived recoil

I was able to mathematically prove that 3rd person reduces the recoil you experience. This is caused by the perfect parallax accountability. When shooting a wall, zombie, whatever (i would recommend you test this on a wall though as the zombie may die). Stand a short distance away from the object (not touching) and aim at a particular point. Then fire multiple shots into the wall. Repeat this process but in 3rd person, insuring you do not compensate for recoil in either attempt and that you aim at the same initial starting spot. Also make sure to fire the same number of bullets. You will notice the bullet holes are in the same location, so they must be the same recoil right? Wrong. Whilst this may seem true it is actually not. When you are in third person lets say the camera is 1 meter behind you. Lets also say the wall is 1 meter in front of your character and your view in 1st person. Lets say the recoil takes you up 1 meter up the wall. In the example where you aim in 1st person your view jumps 45 degrees (1/1) but in 3rd person your view jumps less than 30 degrees (1/2). there, proven

It increases field of view slightly

Because the camera is a little back, you can see more towards the edge of your view. This means that everyone should run around in 3rd person.

It provides free zoom

Literally press right click. No binos. No Scope, just free zoom

Aiming with difficult to use iron sights is irrelevant.Halo and dot scopes are irrelevant
Why would you aim with iron sights, dot sight or halo sight when you have the perfect crosshair with free zoom you can switch to at the click of a button

Ok now onto how these affect PVP
Peeking Corners

Encourages camping. The person who attempts to push/ flank/ retreat/ peek and hold the angle will be at a disadvantage. Lets say there are two people behind trees in 3rd person. They both know each other are there. Now you are person 1, what are your options

  1. Retreat/ Flank | As you try and retreat the player behind the tree will wait until you run and lower your gun. At this point he can peek from either side of the tree at any time and have his aim already on your head as he peeks. You lose
  2. Push | As you try try to push the enemy, he will once again be at a advantage. He can peek at any time, and prefire you once again
  3. Hold an angle by peeking in 1st person | You hold the tree, thinking your reaction time will be good enough. He can wait, however long he wants to peek you. He can see you already, he can pre aim you. He can peek from either side of the tree. He can be prone/ crouched/ leaning/ standing whatever. You are at a massive disadvantage
  4. Wait | You wait, and wait. After 6 minutes he gets bored, and decides to push. You prefire him. You win this fight, but was it skill? No

Ironsight problem, Increased FOV, Zoom and others

Something many will notice on 3rd person servers where people have automatic guns is that they hop around rabbits. Why does this only happen on 3rd person based servers? Firstly, in 1st person it is difficult to dodge around, whilst 3rd person makes it easy. Whilst jumping in 1st person (if you have a scope) you either have to deal with a narrow tunnel where the target is constantly in and out of view (scope qual off) or a shaky and bouncy gun scope that bounces with your movement (scope qual on) . 3rd person on the other hand doesn’t have a shaky crosshair, doesn’t decrease FOV and comes with a semi scope (the free zoom) that doesn’t decrease FOV too much.
Also aiming with ironsights is a skill. Aiming with a perfect crosshair is not


Without third person Deathmobiles would not exist; which btw whilst funny are completely unskilled for pvp. i’m not saying no third person whilst driving nor am i saying deathmobiles should be removed but deathmobiles is a nasty side effect from third person

Third person clearly decreases the skill ceiling in unturned, increases the skill floor whilst making all engagements unskilled.

-This is a non-issue because you can always play on a first person only server

Should you ever be able to peek corners without exposing yourself, remove iron sight model, gain free zoom without scope or bins, and reduce perceived recoil in any game mode? The answer is always no. And plus, there are hardly any good first-person servers, and most of them are roleplay.

-Third person assists melee vs gun combat, and helps a person with a worse weapon gain an advantage and sneak up

Melee vs gun combat is a bit of a joke, the person with guns should win 99% of the time, on the topic of bad guns being able to kill people with good guns, really it can work the same way against you and the person with the better gun and equal skill should win most of the time. Even in first person only the more skilled player wins often even with a worse gun.

-The person with the better cover/ position should win more often

I can agree with this; however, third person exaggerates this way too much. The person with worse cover must simply camp literally until the other player gets bored and decides to peek, in which they can prefer them. In the case that they decide to move, they will be easily gunned down for attempting dynamic combat

-Third person encourages teamwork for flanking. As most gunfights end in two players pinning each other down, it really encourages a teammate to flank and help

This is true, however that means that the solo person will lose 99% of the time in this situation, and really, should you need 2 people to kill one person every time?


Aw shit, here we go again.

The gamer class will rise, once again.

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