What kind of music do you guys listen to?


The title says it all.Just being curious.

(In your reply please include an example of the music you listen.)
I’ll start…

Mostly alternative rock and hard rock.

…you continue :wink:


I listen to quite a diverse set of music, but I like some Hardbass and lots of guitars.


My favorite band of all time is Car Seat Headrest. According to spotify I listen to about 5 hours of music a day, and I have been listening to CSH for about 3 years, and I would safely assume they make up about 20% of my music consumption, and because my music intake has only decreased due to busyness, a good estimate would be about 1000 hours of only CSH, and thats only on spotify, which doesnt count downloaded songs or offline mode, which I usually use when working, and I constantly listen to music when working unless I am talking to a customer, and with my job being mostly just not talking and having done it for a year, that would probably add a handful of hundreds of hours listening to CSH. Did I say I like Car Seat Headrest yet? My number two artist would be Kanye West though.

I do listen to an ungodly amount of genres though.

Normie Alt


Interesting Alt (this one is kinda math rocky)


Turkish Psychedelic


Bangers from the 80s


Jazz from the German depression


Post Apocalyptic Medieval Folk (yes this is a genre)


Electronic Psychedelic


And the list goes on. If any one here wants music suggestions catered to them, just dm me like 5 of your favorite songs or a genre you want to get into. I listen to A LOT of music.



Hardbass, vaporware, metal, rock, syntywave, and sometimes pop


A masterpiece of orchestra.


when u hit the apex too early and u just see yourself rolling down the ravine in slow motion


on the real tho these two are my current jams


It’s shameless self-promotion time once again!

Liberation is more or less my magnum opus.


and a personal favorite as a 2012 3DS owner:

also anime stuff sometimes because I’m a bit weeb but ain’t sharin’ it here



mostly video game soundtracks.


I’ve been a huge fan of Melbourne Bounce for a few years now, but I mostly restrict that to Cloud Nine Podcasts for long trips or if I don’t have internet because most of their mixes are saved on my phone. My regular day to day listening spans a few different genres, most notably Trap and D&B, a bit of rap, and even some rock. Tried to get into K-Pop a while back and did for a bit but that’s faded since.


i listen to a lot of zelda


Darkwave, like metal but with synths.

A Little Indie Alternative don’t hurt either

(Finding this song is the only time I found Fortnite useful.)


Damn,I didn’t know there was that much music out there.
I mean,I knew there was a lot,but not that much.

(Really nice song btw,definitely gonna check those guys out.)


Somehow better than Mozart XD


Minish cap has some good music.


i actually didnt play minish cap until last week. but i think the music sounds wierd, its like a mix between chiptune and midi