What language is UII written in?

I never got around to seeing what programming language the game will be using, (concern about custom mods bc I DEFINITELY want to write one).

C++. Its standard for unreal 4


Bruh, you are a regular, you should know this. he will see this anyways. You dont need to Call him here.

Did you know before now?

also back on the original topic it’s written in English

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What. I have no idea what you are saying

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“This” as in not pinging Nelson or as in the language that Unturned II is coded in?

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Not pinging nelson. wasnt the rest of my comment making that obvious?

oK i’Ve uNpInged NoLsen now can someone please tell me the language used in UII from a reliable source?

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It’s C++. As others have said it’s the standard for Unreal 4.

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As an anecdote it’s been weird working on 3 with my focus being on 4, as I find myself having a harder time remembering where exactly everything is code-wise, and moments of confusion between C++ and C#. Chances are there’ll come a day when someone else knows 3’s code better than me! (though I think that’s still a long ways off)


The idea being that a mod contains a collection of content similar to those on the 3.x workshop, and can be exported from the engine all at once rather than as individual bundles. These can contain blueprints and c++ modules as well, however I haven’t experimented with that much so far. The upload process is easier than 3 because it saves which workshop item was created for your mod, and you can toggle which fields you would like to change.

From these parts I think ti would be C++

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No it wasn’t. That’s why I asked, and I believe that’s why Nuclear Potato took offense as well.

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You say that since he’s a regular, he should know the coding language. Did you know it before Panda3d told you?

That’s not what he said. Aj said that you shouldn’t ping Nelson.



How is that not obviously telling him he shouldnt ping nelson. Yall say its an unspoken rule to not do that.

Locking since question was answered. As said by others, Unturned II uses C++. It also has support for Blueprints Visual Scripting.