What method can I use to create a custom version of an official map?

I want to create a custom version of an official map and from my past experiences it has worked except for one time where the terrain deleted itself. (Unturned Custom Map Glitch)
What’s the proper way, to create a editor map named something then copy all files but level.dat? Or am I supposed to put a .unlocker file into a copied folder of Washington and rename it?
If someone can please give me steps on how to make a custom version so I can upload it and then use it for a server, it would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah you have to copy all files but lvl.dat after you do that you make have to replace terrain holes and you also have to make sure that map was the same size as the original

So is it copy all files but lvl.dat or is there any other files I don’t copy?? Also what do you mean I have to replace terrain holes. And I know make the map the same size so if I make PEI copy I would make editor map medium size.

If you want to edit pro, make sure the map you get the lvl.dat is the same size as pei. Otherwise the map size will become larger or smaller.

When copying all the files do I copy lLevel.hierarchy, and the editor folder?

Yes you do.

When in the editor making the same size map can i name it something different or does it have to be the same name? Example: Im making PEI RP, do I make the map named PEI RP or does it have to be PEI?

Also when I’m copying all the files the edit version of the official map dosen’t let me edit heights, materials, vegatation?? Is there a fix to this?

no they dont have to be the same name, just the same size of map as the map you want to edit.

and Im not too sure about that, you may have to ask someone who knows more about it than me.

Personally I’d just copy an object and terrain files. (Or level files. Not entirely sure.)

If you want item spawns. Copy items.
If you want vehicle spawn. Copy vehicle.
If you want zombie spawns. Copy zombie. (Do not just drag the files into the map files. You also need to make a files for those files. Look at any of the map’s file as an example.)

Really you just have to thinkering around. Which might results in couple of trails and errors.

As for the unlocker file, you can just make a file (usually notepad.) And save as “.unlocker” make sure you changed from notepad to all files when saving.
The result should be a file with a .unlocker surname. Just place it at the map. Same as where chart are.
(But ye cannot edit the terrain this way. Weirdly enough.) I haven’t tried copying a specific type of file yet so if there’s an error. Then you probably copying the wrong file.

P.s. Closed the game and the files every time you edited it. Otherwise it won’t updated.