What other games besides the factory game is he taking inspection from?

I’m actually wondering that since if he’s taking some inspiration from other games we can actually probably know what he is gonna add by using all the games and seeing what will fit into the game

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From an interview a while back it has been confirmed that Nelson gains his inspiration from games such as Factorio, Portal 2, Overwatch, Unturned, DayZ, Pokemon Go, and Solitaire


Thats a very wide variety of games and a lot of diffrent type of games too.


yup, that’s right folks

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Sometimes he wants to try to make something original. For example, he claims there is no other game that features the Clay Pigeon Launcher™ 3000 as a target practice.


Nelson should look at more games, like 7D2D. They have a phenomenal leveling/experience system that is great to me in every way.

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there is no more inspirational survival game than pong

I see absolutely no issue with this reply whatsoever


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Is that supposed to be a compliment towards him or threat?

That is neither a compliment nor a threat.

Um, (sniffles in nerd) actually TABG had it first in their shooting range by shooting ragdolls of their guys (sniffles in nerd).

There were clay targets in one of the Cabela’s games for the Wii.

Rain, we should build an epic base in that game

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