What stage of development is Unturned II actually in?

There is too much misinformation going around! I hear Alpha, Beta, WIP, etc, etc. What is it officially in, according to Nelson, and where exactly is the game?

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The game currently has blastlane, which is a demo man “official mod” that is fairly fun but requires 2 people to be on the same server to play, and has a few bad bugs, where you can spawn inside of walls or get trapped inside of bombs which happens frequently. Holdbaker did a tournament of it in which the bugs occurred frequently.

There is also the firing range, which is a firing range with a few moving targets, a car, and 2 guns. There is also a chair that is a white orb that you can sit in.

There is also the CQC map, which is a grey box with some obstacles including barrels in it, along with lockable doors and crates that have guns and ammo inside of them. There is also pants, a shirt and backpacks. You can find the 2 guns on the map. There are many bugs with the guns, including ones where the guns do not fire, and a bunch of other weird things involving reloading. You can fight other people on the CQC map, and all guns are 2 shot kills.

Thats pretty much it in terms of gameplay. It is still a very barebones demo, and when it becomes more game like, it will be released to more people, which is why its probably a waste of time to attempt to get regular or to afk hours for the sole purpose of getting something that is unfinished. Its like taking a pizza out of the oven when its not done cooking when you could have just waited.


I was under the impression that that was a feature.

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I mean if it is its pretty dumb. It makes the blastlane ability a literal instant win because it always traps the player. It happened at least twice during the blastlane thingy hold did.

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Kinda hard to differentiate.

Back in 1.0 the closed alpha was a small map with a town and several items to use along with basic zombies. In 2.0 the closed beta was a small area in PEI with items and vehicles.

Though I’d agree with Panda3d that the game is in a demo stage where the developer could only showcase features but not necessarily provide the full/near complete experience


Alright, this really clears things up! Thanks guys! Do you think Nelson will release a roadmap of sorts any time soon?

A roadmap already exists.


I like too think around 1/4. But if it is less, that would be amazing.

Lol all you have to do is look at the roadmap and you can clearly see the game is barely even in Alpha yet. I mean, it isn’t even in super-test yet…

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