What the...? a Hacked server?

Today at the afternoon i was trying to get in this server,but was offline :v (i checked in an unturned servers page)

I tried before,but failed to find the server.I thought “Ok maybe its in maintenance” so i stopped trying to connect.

At around the 12:20 a.m. (Venezuela hours) i tried to connect and guess what? succes,but…The server was hacked?

I cant remember the original title but now says “server hacked by LRO company” it was an military roleplay server with workshop addons

Oh yes,another thing,i dont think its related but there was an update at 11:45 pm,i updated,all ok opened unturned and i see this about the server

Wtf? someby knows anything about this?

Looks like someone rustled his jimmies.

so bad,couldnt just try the server :frowning_face:

I suggest removing the IP for the safety of players and because (I think) it is against the rules.

How much y’all wanna bet that they hacked that server just to show they could do it, and so they could market it.

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hmm ok,probably the best

Probably just some kid that had access to the server changed the name of the server. I wouldn’t call that hacking.

What possible benifits could you gain by hacking a server in Unturned anyway?
If anything, you have to hack the website if there were any ads/cosmetics/VIP packs. But hacking an Unturned server isn’t that benifitial

well its possible to hack it just because they banned you and your angry or something. I dunno

It is possible to hack, but there’s no real benifits to it besides revenge


I bet you’re a latino


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yep :grin:

Only latino’s could make such an emote.

I’m a latino myself I know what I’m doing

*latinos not latino’s