What type of server would you like to see?

I’m thinking of starting a server soon, I don’t really play the game much anymore but I was thinking of getting back into the game and creating my own server.

I’m thinking of starting a survival server, but I don’t know if it should be a modded server, vanilla-ish, something with some roleplay elements (more survival but with trading, etc).

  • Mods (more farming, base building mods, some gun mods)
  • Vanilla (simple vanilla server)
  • Roleplay elements (money mods, trading, safezone etc.)
  • Other (leave a suggestion)

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What if you make a server similar to smpearth

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laughs in technoblade

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To clarify, SMPEarth is based off of /int/craft more than EarthMC. /int/craft being an obscure minecraft server for 4chan users.

Btw, a server similar to “SMP Earth” or “EarthMC” already exists in the form of GeoTurned. With the giant earth map.

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i would like to see a good server

easy mode, cheats off, althought i probably wouldn’t play it since I don’t even touch unturned anymore

An SMP Earth-esque server would probably better for Unturned II. Particularly the land claiming and live maps would be almost impossible to pull off on the limited modding capabilities of UI, at least without help from Nelson.

anarchy server with rp pvp and minecraft buildables hosted on carpat

aren’t unturned servers usually anarchic?

not rp pvp servers hosted on carpat

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