What version is this screenshot from?

Found this online. Seems like Charlottetown, but it doesn’t have the shopping cart to the left. Even the earliest pre steam beta with beta boundaries I’ve seen on video has the cart.


this was probably like in early stages where it didn’t have the shopping carts so maybe the version is like private alpha/beta?

Also no beta border and that strange Boulder behind the water tower :thinking:

if it’s not that then idk cuz i only played 3.0

It looks like Unturned Antique, which was quite a long time ago.


But antique didn’t have PEI

the only map in antique was PEI

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The only map in antique was Skypoint
PEI was introduced in Unturned 2 (Classic) Pre-Steam, being at first only the Kensington Campground and maybe the Charlottetown.

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Zoom in on the car windows, you can see inside the car, so it’s classic.

Also the fact that the lighting looks better than antique.

Also I’m the background there might be a farm in the distance.

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That is a thick stop sign

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maybe its a pic of the development of 2.0 and wasnt a released version?

I think that’s a WIP screenshot in Nelson’s old blog site used as a sneak peek to show us what the game (Classic/2.0) looks like before it was playable.

The Truck model used was from Antique since he didn’t create the classic variants back then. I can tell because of the design of the hull and how the wheels were placed. Probably just a placeholder for the image since they don’t exist during the beta with the closed borders

I am not 100% sure. That’s what I remember.


Thanks! (10chars)

do we get a reward if we guess correctly

Too late
(those 10 CHARACTERS!! 1!1
Maybe reduce it to 6 :thinking:)

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