What will be the new revolver

In the last devlog we saw the new shotgun which is based on renmgton 870 in 3 the shootgun is based on the Mossberg 500, the snake that was based on glock 18 is now glock 17, the fire eagle of AR15 (probably) M4A1, then all weapons are having different inspirations but understand weapons that are an obvious reference to specific weapons in real life as the glock have probably continued to be based on a different version such as the zubeknakov that if moving will probably change from AK47 to AKM which is an improved version of AK47, the current revolver ace is based on colt python and I think the next one will be based on the anaconda colt, but it’s just speculation let yours.
PS: The whole post is based on own speculations the part of most weapons being based on successors or predecessors can may have no relation whatsoever .

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out of every weapon

assault rifle
sniper rifle

you pick revolver
Deals 20 damage upon body shot
Deals 40 damage on critical


ReVoLvEr Is So CoOl ThO

Anyways, I think the ReVoLvEr needs a buff as well.

Edit. It autocorrected revolver to that.

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Depending on the map location, I’d like to see several revolvers, chambered at least in these calibers:

  • .38
  • .44
  • .45
  • .357

(And probably even one that portrays the beast as it’s the ‘Raging Judge’, which is chambered on a very particular caliber of shotgun shells)


I think there should be shotgun shell cartridges for one or 2 of the types of revolvers instead of have a separate revolver which can only take shotgun cartridges.

Probably there’d be no way to do that without making the weapon treated being OP, because only revolvers taking very high caliber rounds could also take shotgun shells (as it’s the case of the Raging Judge).

How would it be op? The max size of the pellets you can use is birdshot, unless you want it to shoot like 3 buckshot pellets. Also it would have a huge spread and short range, as the barrel is quite short.

I meant for actual shotgun shells, .410 bore at least; birdshot would be a fair variant for hunting and would also have very crappy damage on players.

Ohh, ok. So a revolver that take full size shotgun shells? Sure i guess.


I suggest the Revolver be a Smith & Wesson Model 10, the most produced revolver model.

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Please specify the .45, is it a .45 ACP or a .45 Colt?
Only the latter is interchangeable with .410 shotshells.

You’ve also failed to mention how .357 Magnum and .38 Special are the same size, and that the latter can be used in revolvers chambered for the former.

i was referring to fortnite but ok

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If we’re talking about revolvers, ofc it’s about .45 Colt, cuz AFAIK ACP is for pistols and SMG’s. Excuse my ignorance, Mr. Gunz.

Revolvers are perfectly capable of being chambered in .45 ACP, and there are surprisingly many of them.

yeah the taurus raging judge should be a rare gun to find but you can put 45.acp 45 colt 410 shotgun shells and a rare but powerfull type of ammo 454 casull.

That’s what I said. OP as hell.

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