What will be the way nelson is gonna get an income out of unturned 2?

unturned 1 used the gold dlc has a way to give nelson an income and support him but what will happen with unturned 2?

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new gold dlc and maybe some cosmetics, but most likely just the gold dlc.

Didnt he confirm that with the interview with Zoom B??

i dont see interviews

I don’t know, he’s stated it on the forums iirc

did he said that he will get an income out of the servers?

Don’t think so

He said he wants to make it where you can buy a server off him to also earn some so… probably

yeah that i thought he said he was gonna remove gold and that unturned 1 gold players wouldnt have gold on the second game

I never heard that, can you tell me where you heard that?

discord members,i can say that the info is true is just that i dont think gold is gonna be on u2

The official server pass (To access official servers) is pretty much like Gold DLC.

There might be other purchases like a refined cosmetic system (Something like skins for not only guns but for clothing and other things) and maybe some kind of merch (Like a shirt) if the game is popular enough

There might be other ways I haven’t thought of

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are you refering at those cosmetic packs right ?

Don’t know what you mean by cosmetic pack but I meant individual skins that retexture existing guns and clothing in game.

Rust has that I believe

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there are some clothing packs that you can buy

As most people said there will be a official server pass, he is also thinking about having rentable servers where people can rent their own server from him, he talked about that yesterday in Zoom B’s live interview

Personally I think he should make money in a way that doesn’t split the community

This official server pass thing isn’t going to be healthy especially in the early day when player count is low.

Or maybe you live in a region/time zone where not many people play and you guys are split because some have the pass and some don’t.

Game communities hate being split by passes and dlc maps pretty much every AAA fps game pisses off their community this way.

Pretty sure Nelson is doing this as a hobby, not as his primary income source. IIRC he’s said that he’s not worried about making money off of Unturned II, and that the funds from the official pass will be used to keep his servers running.
Also he’s registered Smartly Dressed Games as a nonprofit organization

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He said he had a few ideas on how to make sustainable money from unturned II such as the gold pass, official server hosting, and maybe making a system where you could buy emotes (not sure about the last one might be a step in the wrong direction) But i’ve been thinking about it and what if nelson decided to make a Patreon account for the people that would like to support him directly for development of unturned II I feel that would be a good outlet for people and its not like it would have to be super expensive you can go anywhere from a dollar a month to whatever you want. just a thought


Patreon? That’s Actaully not a bad money making method on a free game