What will happen to our unturned 3.0 skins

Will we be able to use them in 4.0 or will we be left to buy new skins?

It’s a separate game so we won’t be able to use them, I’m not sure if there will be skins in 4.0 tho

4.x is a completelt different game so 3.x skins will have nothing to do with 4.x

I know but will he do somthing so we can transfer them over?

I doubt it

Oof well rip wallet

3.0 will still be around and have all the skins, calm down

I know but 3.0 will slowly become more deserted unless nelson updates the 3.0 game aswell as the 4.0

I know, it’s sad

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Just sell your skins at OPSKINS… Well 3.0 is total garbage, and why we needs skins in 4.0?

Why do you think 3.0 is garbage?

Well as you can access and see immediately,
it has:
A s##tty Awfulmization(optimization)
Has rocket plugins (Only few are good, other is bad)
PvP means all
Too arcady
And so on

It’s normal, every game dies sooner or later. You should be aware of that when buying skins, same will happen to CS:GO and other games eventually.


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