What would be the most "reasonable" outbreak situation? At least in your opinion


A. A passenger plane crashed and caused an outbreak.

B. A coalition plane crashed and caused an outbreak.

C. A coalition plane landed and set up a camp. However, one of the guard has recently shown a symptom and caused an entire camp to go haywire, and then caused an outbreak.

D. Scorpion-7’s shenanigans.

Thank for all the feedback.


Do you mean the actual official lore or do you mean for a custom map? I feel like #workshop makes more sense if this isn’t about official content.


Ah, my bad.

Official lore is it.
At least that’s what my intention would connected to.


S-7’s shenanigans you stooge


In Russia it was hinted that it was started by a infected plane landing at the airport, the other maps it was generally scorpion-7.


That’s hardly qualified so I’ll assume it’s D.

Altho I wish not for D.


Official 3.0 lore has to do with S-7’s experiments and a breakout on PEI. IIRC the facility was abandoned and wrecked and hidden under a farm. From there I believe they either transferred to Washington or got transferred to PEI originally. Either way, both locations resulted in a containment breach of experiments (Seen in the basements of both facilities). Yukon is unknown, probably the same story but nobody really knows what want wrong there. From PEI or Washington or Yukon, somebody boarded a plane while infected and as the plane landed they tried to make contact with the plane to no avail. The outbreak started in Russia. Somewhere along the line, it spread to Germany too.

Not 100% accurate but this is what most notes point towards, and for that reason I consider this to be the ‘official’ 3.0 lore, excluding the Alien storyline because it’s so short-lived and mysterious.


3 option about planes :thinking: i m going for D


There’s no option for washing machines being the cause



Trust me, A washing machine division wouldn’t fitted with the theme, at least in this case.

But I’ll keep that in mind.


Yarrr is referring to the fact that there’s a washing machine on every official map (I think?) when he says

On Russia its in the deadzone, PEI near the bridge close to old Scorp-7 and the others I don’t know. The washing machines look like they fell from the sky given there is an impact mark around it. Some think that the washing machines caused the outbreak lol


It’s was somewhat of a “meme” I think.

Or at least used to until Hawaii came out.


Terrorism, like honestly.

Poison the water supply, get away unnoticed.

Thousands of people suddenly get infected.

Bam, instant apoculipse.

Anyway to your question, D. Those shinnanagins have a way to get out of hand.


It’s official lore that the dryers are from the “Dryer Bombardment Division”, who put ranger gear into them and dropped them (presumably from an aircraft).

That’s why you can find ranger guns and gear inside of them.


D to A



S-7 made a virus
The virus goes to leak, making the S-7’s Researchers infected.
Virus has been leaked to the world.
Military responded, send scout units to the scene but they were all K.I.A.(Killed In Actions.) because of the zombies.
The Military HQ makes this case to the Top Secret case.
Since the virus have the Waterborne infection system and 1 weeks of Incubation period, it causes the Carriers(Having the Virus, But symptoms were not showing. So they were completely fine as the normal people in 1 week.).
A guy goes to a commercial airplane for travel after 3 days of infection.
After few days, Everything went to FUBAR(F-ed Up Beyond All Recognition)
A soldier get bitten by a zombie, He went to the Military Base to heal his wounds.
The military goes to FUBAR AND TARFU(Totally and Royally F-ed Up)


Time for the whole outbreak story:
Scorpion 7 was researching a new virus as a biological weapon for the U.S. government. Somehow, the Scorp- facility on Washington got a leak and infected all people there. The US Army reacted fast and send a group of special forces to the facility. The operation went wrong and caused the outbreak on the Washington map.
Later, an infected person got from an unknown airport on a plane with the destination Russia. During the flight the person infected all passengers and the crew. This means that the plane was landed by autopilot. After the landing, all persons in the airport were evacuated to Moscow, spreading the virus there. The Russian government gave the order to nuke Moscow, killing everyone in the city. The responsible general manipulated the rocket because he “doesn’t want to kill thousands of innocent civilians” as he wrote in a note. The radiatoin of the nuke caused the deathzone in the north of Russia. Instead of this, the subway tunnels were destroyed, in the hope of getting the infection trapped in Moscow. However, a train managed to get out with infected on board, spreading the infection to St. Petersbourg. From threre, the infection rolled over the country. All the Russians could do, was to close or destroy all tunnels to other countries and build a savezone on an oilrig which got radiated and infected later. Nowdays we have the liberator savezone. Between the infection of Russia and Germany was quite a bit of time since Germany had the time to build walls and founding a space program which seemed to be used for evacuating people into space.But the barriers where poorly and bad guarded like one of the guards wrote in a note: “if something wants to get over this walls, it will”. After the outbreak in Germany, all efforts of the German Armed Forces and the Coalition to fight the outbreak failed or got sabotaged by the “Syndicat”.

How the virus was spread to the other maps is unknown but I think that it was bought there by refugees from the infected countries. But this is just speculation, for more we would need more information about the virus: is it contained by animals or water? Do you get it by direct body contact with infected?


On phone atm but above information by @derfreak1002 has many false things in it.

Eg (corrections): US Army and S7 are not affiliated. Germany was infected before Russia. The spread of the virus is kinda documented actually. The Syndicate sabotaged the Berlin stronghold via attacking from the sewers.


In Washington its on the bridge to Seattle from Kent.


Wow ive never found anything like that in there ( guess I need to look more)


Protip: there’s more to canon lore than just notes, quests, and Easter egg achievements.