What would you do when a new map arrives


Hi all.

I’ve saw that the new map. “Carpat” has been out for awhile now, and that people seem to complain about how “things” are bright pink, looting kinda “bad”. And how it’s should’ve been in fixed. (Not really.)

And it’s got me wondering. What would you guys do when a new map arrives (hence the title) do you just enjoy playing it because of the hype. Or do you check every corners and loot spawns to “talk” about it?

And what would you like to say on what & where would you check and maybe how you’d fix it.

Any thoughts?


I would probably critize the fuck out of it if I see something wring.


I’m not a mapmaker by any means, but I’ve done enough playtesting for a few large projects before to naturally log bugs and other fixes needed when something new comes out. No major content updates are truly bug free, especially in Unturned. There’s always something that could be reported and frankly I enjoy the bug hunt while simply playing the game and having fun, waiting for something wrong to happen so I can exploit it report it and hope it gets fixed soon.


Would recommend trying to improve it by reporting bugs/errors or suggest them to reconsider parts of its design until it’s above decent.

Unless you have no faith.


There’s two types of people, those who calmly report bugs or don’t blast their opinions at 700 decibels and those who feel the need to PURGE ALL OF THE INFIDELS FROM THE FATHERLAND. PRAISE BE NELSON, LET THE PURGING OF FILTH BEGIN.


I just start with a hard play through, enjoy the map, make a vehicle base, explore.

And when I get too salty (sometimes justified, sometimes not, like that one time when I had a hoard of floating zombies murder me, worse yet one time there was one in the ground, and you whould see its arms poke up as it killed me :tired_face:)

Then I’ll go creative mode, explore every cranny, watch YouTube, find about Easter eggs, and enjoy.

And if the bug I found is unreported, report.

Then make glitch bases on servers, and abuse bugs for my advantage


how to fix pink trees:
don’t purchase a mac laptop


Russia is the best map anyways. Unless a new map manages to be better than Russia, I don’t really care.


Russia has it’s issues, by no means is it the best map, but it’s a rock solid map.