What you Guys think of Fallout 76?

  • Decent
  • Meh…
  • Bad

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Personally i thought it was Meh, just because the games graphics and game play are cool, But theirs also empty Servers considering theirs no cross play, which leads to single player games since you usually get a low number players, which most of them are afk in front on start.

Wait why there’s no good option?

Just go with decent, i cant edit the poll and add good

Man this sure is an unbiased poll

“hey guys what do you think of this game?”

  • 5/10 mediocre
  • 3/10 bad
  • 1/10 waste of money
  • -11/10 waste of time, space, and entropy
  • good options? what are those

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Fuck it whatever Polls Closed and topics done

tmw you aggravate a known shitposter on a non-shitpost with a shitpost



Fallout 76 is the path where Bethesda tries to cater to the trending market instead (In this case, multiplayer games), like all the other ones who joined in the bandwagon.

Well, not like Creation Club was anything better.

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