What'd everyone do or get for christmas?


I mean sorta? The parts I use are the same parts that a modern-day gaming build would have. FX is super old and is only good for churning out heat. I’d suggest you overclock it as it will probably be your worst bottleneck, but even overclocking can’t save you from it’s terrible architecture and 32nm lithography


I got a dad lmao


Friday the 13th: the second slasher


I got beat by my parents.


its still better than my old processor.


Wut was it?


Its was pretty dang old. I cant remember what one it was, but the guy who built my computer reused it from an old computer of his. The only reason my computer ran well at all was probably cause I have a lot of storage space.


I got a image


HTC Vive, iPhone X, some legos. Been pretty good


got a Thrustmaster t150 pro sim wheel and samsung gear sport watch :call_me_hand:


I got a pretty big game from an unexpected santa man


Unturned II next demo yes ?


Likewise \o/ :smiley:

We’re unexpected game bros


That sounds subliminally pornographic


My late christmas present from my boyfriend arrived today!~ ^w^

  • 5 Different flavors of sunflower seeds
  • Big bag of marshmellow
  • Box of skittles
  • Box of Pocky
  • Big bag of Gummi Bears
  • Big bag of sour gummy worms
  • A cup of Deathwish coffee
  • Some fancy korean drink lol
  • A jacket that smells like him
  • A lovely note :heart:

Hope everyone else enjoyed the holidays.

A bunch of Gravity Falls stuff only fellow fans can appreciate.

heeeeck yes

the back (why must you fail the focus camera)

inside the case

dem feels tho

Parents forgot i already bought one for myself so i have two now i guess.

Awesome card from the theme song…

…and a couple other misc trinkets.

Little sister got me this.

New Smash. FYI, the new story mode is awful.

Cool apocalypse book.

Also some money and a crap ton of candy i already ate.

Probably should’ve downsized the photos but :man_shrugging: laziness ftw, also RIP me desk was too messy to take pics on. Ignore the ugly bed. Merry Christmas.


Books are boring

Like my life


pretty shit stuff that i got this year tbh

I got some Old Skool Vans, a guitar pedal and 50$ Amazon gift card.



Can’t argue with freedom.


10 games for this thing

Shantae Half Genie Hero,
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1-2
Smash Bros Ult
Stardew Valley
Okami HD
Dead Cells
Hyperlight Drifter