What's Action_#_Blueprint_#_Index?

Actions — Unturned 0.1 documentation (smartlydressedgames.com)
here is

When using an action on an item you can specify the id of another item which you want to take blueprints from. The blueprint index is which blueprint of the item you want to use.

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I’ve marked @kvc.6’s reply as the answer. But if you’re still confused, please feel free to unmark it, and ask additional questions.

okay,i know

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In addition,how can I know the audioclip name in core.masterbundle?
I wanna refer some auido.
Sadly,I don’t know its name,such as XXXX.asset.

Check core.masterbundle.manifest, it lists the directory of every asset in the bundle.

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So In need to unbundle it?

Perhaps I was confused by your earlier question but I was assuming you wanted to reference an audio file in a dat, which you’d need a directory for.

To clarify, by “check the core.masterbundle.manifest”, they mean to open it in a text editor. A manifest is a text file – you can’t unbundle it.

But it contains a list of all the “audio clip names” / file directories, which is what you’re looking for.

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okay thx you