What's going to happen to economy items?

I’m unsure if this is a topic of discussion already, but I have some questions regarding skins and pretty much all the Steam economy items.

1- Will the 3.0 skins be adapted to the new gun models?

2- Will curated content creators get the chance to remake their own accepted items to fit the new style and player model?

3- If I own item X currently will its 4.0 equivalent be added to my inventory, or will I have to repurchase/unbox it again?


This is adressed on the Trello, and for the most part the answer is “We don’t know”, my best guess would be that 4.0 is it’s own game that will have it’s own seperate skins- and with that, hopefully Nelson chooses better skins than Neon Skin #2543

sci-fi skins OUT

What @AnimaticFreak said. 4.0 will be a separate game and your skins will not be ported to it.

I think they should but only by choice, and irreversibly.

I think the only skins that would ever fit are skins with crudely painted camo and stuff like that.

We definitely don’t need Energized Nuclear Reactor In Your Hands


Nelson mentioned that he will TRY to transport the 3.0 skins to 4.0

But as mentioned before by our fellow friend here, most likely 4.0 skins will be dependant from 3.0

Well some look really cool but the Asiimov copies gotta get the heck out :stuck_out_tongue: an example of a good looking sci-fi is the lunar cargo Yuri :smiley:

By sci-fi I means extremely repetitive neon-kinda designs, as you said Asiimov copies, they are really overrated for some reason.

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Yeah those need to go, or at least stay on VERY limited moments

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