Whats keeping unturned 4 pve?

What really will keep unturned 4 from becoming a pvp game even without rocket because you can go on vanilla servers and get killed by the 1st person that finds you even when you are naked and those same people will play unturned 4 because adding a price to is out of the picture.

More survival stuff, less pvp stuff. Plus, making stuff other than players actually dangerous


When the threat of the environment becomes greater than the threat of the players, then a game becomes truly PvE. Of course, something like that is nearly impossible without either making the game literally unforgiving in difficulty. Doing something like that would also practically force cooperation, which isn’t exactly realistic, either. Rather, Unturned II looks for a balance between PvP and PvE. It’s focus is on survival, which is not to say that the player will only face dangers of the environment, or only those of players. It needs to be a mix of both of those, so that players won’t feel safe mindlessly picking off players with their 5 weapons that they have 10 extra magazines extra of each. There are lots of ways to make the game more “survival based”.

You see, PVP is the aftermath of many other factors. Loot spawns, the type of loot, playerbase, mechanics and god knows how many more things. PVP and KOS is always a thing, no matter what, the only thing that can really get an impact on PVP is the risk. Say, that guy across the town has a nice loot, even a mass-produced weapon. Thing is, is it worth the risk to potentially win or lose. Making the game have less weapon-centered loot seems to be one of the big steps. But then, we have the community. Now, every single person who uses this forum would know that Unturned 3.0 is full of toxic whining and bitching for the next overpowered flying boat-tank with turrets and 85mm tank cannons that can’t be destroyed by any means. That, also means, that this community will transfer over in Unturned II. Only thing i can really think of, community-wise about the PVP situation, is doing the: “Play it or leave it” thing. In other words, making the game “disgusting” to those PVP people and weed out the players that actually want a genuine survival experience. If that doesn’t work, modding will take part in Unturned II, buff up loot spawns, make PVP-centered servers and the twitchy KOS PVP players would just go there, how many people are left in the vanilla survival experience is something i can’t really predict. PVP in survival games are a really complicated topic, and most times, that’s exactly what survival games become. Insurgency was a supposed tactical shooter, but it still has that COD guy that runs around with an SMG and firing RPGs at every possible occasion. Only way to counter that is to make the shooting actually unforgivable, which then ruins the gameplay, because “realism for the sake of realism”. Community is the biggest factor, but the most complicated one, too. Just hope that it turns out as our image in this forum.


3rd person should be reworked too so it can’t abused so much as it is in 3.0 for pvp purposes.

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Personally I don’t feel like 3rd person should even be a thing in 4.x. It’s almost solely used for a PvP purpose.


Well the new things you can do with it is cool. Maybe if you couldn’t aim in 3rd person it would be better.


Removing 3rd person just because it’s easier to fight in 3rd person isn’t a good reason enough. If it were removed just for sake of pvp… I think it’d drastically lower the game experience in other fields. So, just like Aj_Gaming said if you only couldn’t aim or shoot in 3rd person, that’d be a much better resolution to the problem.


I don’t want 3rd person removed just because it helps with fights, but because I personally can’t see any reason to use it outside of a PvP environment (excluding vehicles, because vehicle 3rd person is nice). The ability to look around corners without exposure to any active threat just doesn’t scream “survival game” to me, regardless of what the player is restricted from doing in that 3rd person mode.

Maybe you personally don’t see a use of it, but I really like 3rd person. And I don’t play on pvp servers at all. It’s been long since I played even any multiplayer servers. I like to play on singleplayer. And I have to say it’s nice to see things in more than one perspective.

With the new things you can do with free look in 3rd person, it will be nice to have.

Here is hoping that Unturned loot tables are made for less loot and more survival and the people that will be playing it wont turn it into unturned 3.0 again.
Personally, I think that 3rd person should be able to use guns but much slower for shooting and have a some graphics (like someone dying) delay compared to 1st person giving it more of a consequence than just ending it. I also feel like 3rd person currently is abused too much with seeing around the corner so if there would be a 3rd person, I would prefer to have it off centered a little but mostly straight behind the player.

That being said:

This could be interesting to experiment with.

The 3.0 problem lies in three actual categories, and the zombie difficulty stuff has already been touched by everyone so I wont mention that

  1. Map Design

In 3.0 the main maps are super flawed.
PEI for instance has two main military locations right next to eachother, with cities full of food and clothes/meds. This leads to geared players cycling back and forth from military base for loot, to town for meds and food. Both of the towns are also spawn points, so you have freshspawns on either side of the main military location trying to get military loot and kill geared players, because they want loot, so they get gunned down in the cities and military locations. EVERYONE is always in the north east section of PEI because there is absolutely nothing in the west, and a measly ranger location in the south that sometimes doesnt even drop zubenakovs.

Washington is similar in that there are two main military areas, olympia and heritage, that geared people cycle through for loot, and then return to Seattle (which is also a spawnpoint) for food and meds. It has the exact same problem as PEI, except this time the south west is where all players are, except for a rare few fighting over scorpion 7.

Russia is without a doubt the best map in the game, but its problem, which is fairly unique is that the oil rig is on the beach, giving geared players an incentive to go near spawn points.

To fix the main KOS issue, all you need to do is remove any and all incentive for geared players to go anywhere near to spawnpoints. To address the meds/food issue just add a largeish city near military locations, as it would cause geared players to either starve, go way out of their way and waste time going to further away cities for food and meds, or risk it and go to the late game city.

  1. End Game

It just doesnt exist. There is nothing to do once you get geared, so you end up bored and go kill some people. Adding a fun end game and something to actually work for would solve this, along with extending the mid game before people get loot, so they get more loot fear and consider not jumping into fights.

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When Nelson first started 4.0 he said something along the lines of he wanted to improve the gunplay in order to make PvP and PvE better - which might sound a bit weird but it makes lots of sense if you thought about it for a good bit. In 3.0 you can run into a police station, get several boxes of civilian ammo, a cobra, and extra ammo which makes clearing a town relatively fast. Also 3.0 is very much a point-and-click adventure for tons of people, and 4.0 may change that.

Ontop of this improved zombie AI, generally harder zombies, and a (more than likely) reworked food, water, tempature, toxicity, stamina, etc system will make everything more PvE tuned.

Anddddd large maps with loot progression like Russia should stop well-looted people from going down to the shoreline (or wherever you spawn) because there is little to no benefit of doing so, unless they purposely want to go around killing freshspawns. They would rather be near the top of the map, killing other looted players or getting loot of their own tier.

Though that isn’t going to stop people from seeing you and wanting to beat ya up, it will probably discourage em’

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