What's next on devlog # 37?


Well by the markings on the wiki the next resources should be.

  • Melee attacks and blocking.
    -Upgrades in ammunition and in the recoil of guns.
    -And finally we will have the return of the Cobra and the Espigarda Remington Model 870, probably with a new 3D model and who knows with the definitive name?



Should be noted that OP is speculating. If anyone wants to know the roadmap, then they should refer to the official roadmap on Trello. :slight_smile:


personally I would like you to add the water :smiley: although the only thing is that you may have to do the swimming effects and the sound effects, which is the most obvious thing in the future

Did you notice that the fps on the servers is higher than in single player mode? @LuisVip

I’m not sure what “script” is being translated from, but Trees were on the roadmap (in the Active Development list) since May.

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My mistake, But when I say “it was not in the script” I mean that before the cards “in development” were added they did not appear in the trello, the trees at least not that I have seen did not appear in “next additions”. @MoltonMontro

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