Whats so good about Elver?

Been living under a rock.

Whats so good about Elver, to the point where its a permanent addition to the game? I tried playing it, not so seriously or dedicated, and nothing about it was fun or exciting. The only noticiable redeeming qualities, was the amount of quality put into detail design (not map design, haven’t played enough to say anything about that) although the map design does look very strange.

The map looks like its just one long road from top to bottom. Whats so dynamic or awesome about it?

I was going to play it today, but sadly not a single server fits my filters for a good server.


It’s very unique, it’s like playing a new game mode.


The NPCs


Didn’t you praise Carpat when it came out?


I’d honestly say that the biggest thing with Elver truly is the amount of effort that went into the models.

It’s just different from the typical Russia-style curated map formula.

The one road from top to bottom is pretty much how it is but here’s the main things I cared about with the map:

  1. “Upgraded” style, a lot of effort went into making Elver’s objects much more detailed than objects from other maps.
  2. Complete item rebalance, every item that wasn’t made specifically for Elver received a bundle override that added new stats, adjusted crafting recipes, and a more detailed description.
  3. The overall design of the map is different, it’s one massive city within a no-build zone. This has the potential to promote interactions by clustering everyone together while they gather loot.

Like all maps, people have their complaints but if you don’t like it specifically, at least appreciate the attempt to do something unique.


It has a unique progression system and a different take on the unturned style. This while not following the traditional directional progression map design, like on Russia.

Really, the crafting system is super in depth and it makes you actually explore the whole map.


So rain when you talked about your day of reckoning post in the dms you were going to post on the forum I wasn’t expecting this.

In my opinion it’s pretty revolutionary for unturned. The world sounds and the improved crafting system is pretty good, As well as the attention to detail.

Yeah cause it’s focused around magic and magic is strange lmao

yeah but your also forgetting about the city and the other roads that go through the map.

Yeah your filter was anti p2w and nothing showed up

Can’t imagine why

Not gonna harp too much since it’s a personal opinion but why.

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I can agree with this statement (and specifically the end)

Its ok its not as good as the hype. It feels like like a watered down version of the games

Dude Elver is like a hardcore devtest, your 6 months away have blinded you to the light.

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I have also been seeing a lot of the hype for Elver, played it for a while, It was okay, I liked the attention to detail but I guess what most people are excited about are the custom interactions like the teleporters, or the cool map design with the flying islands.

There’s finally a map that embraces the PvP nature of Unturned. A few small sections with loot, and a bigger, forested and rather clean space for bases and other stuff, a flying hub for all the quests.

I guess another thing might be the quests (or the thing that happens after you do them all, which would go into the attention to detail category).

I wasn’t a fan of the map myself (mainly comes down to personal taste, wizard staves and in your face memey references didn’t stick it for me) but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the incredibly well done models and changes done to gameplay.

Up until this point we really haven’t had a curated project attempt to change gameplay this drastically… and succeed. We all remember the trainwreck of Carpat. But Elver by all accounts does so quite well, from additions to farming to crafting overhauls - it touches pretty much every aspect of the game.

Overall, it is a very high quality map and it deserves its praise - even if I’m not a personal fan of it.