What's the max # of edits per day?

I am most definitely only asking out of curiosity.

You could probably try it on your post.

That’s not a number, sir. >:(

Well I’m assuming that you’re talking about the maximum number of edits you can do to a post every day, so you could try editing your post so that it eventually runs out of edits for that day.

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Its not one, BUT it gives you one.

It doesn’t, and considering I ran out of edits I can tell you that. The advice of “do 30+ edits and count them all after spending the previous 24 hours making no edits” isn’t really helpful. And then, said person has to wait 24 hours afterwards before they can actually edit again, assuming they don’t need to redo their experiment.

Wait… what’s with spending the previous 24 hours making no edits? Also, it can be really easy to make a fake topic under memes and then just keep adding 1 number to them like counting.

There is your answer, just start a “topic” and then edit it with numbers (1,2,3,4,5 etc) and then when you’re done, you have your answer.

If you’ve already edited a post that day, then you can’t really just start the test that day. Seems kinda silly to suggest someone just not edit posts normally for 48 hours (24 before so edit count can reset, 24 after since edits are then locked) rather than not comment if you just didn’t happen know. :v

It also doesn’t help since different user levels can have different maxes for things, so level 2 and 3 could be higher than level 1’s daily max.