What's the most minor way you've influenced 3.0?


Have you suggested something that gets directly accepted in 3.0 before? Even just had a talk with Nelson, perhaps giving him an idea or something? I’m curious just to see how much of the game came from community ideas.

One (really, really minor) way I’ve done it myself was suggesting a police roadblock on Nelson’s PEI creation stream, and him actually noticing that and putting it in (later moving it to the Airport, but it was in fact separate for a while!)


I swear I chatted with Nelson about ideas for Steam Emojis (two of which made it in but weren’t exactly eye-opening suggestions), but I cannot find the logs as I had not saved them and Steam doesn’t save logs. ):

For all I know I could just be making this up in my head, but who knows :man_shrugging:


Just after the release of hawaii I suggested in the comments to add the glinder and in the update after that it was in.
Now we have a decent realistic way to “fly down”.

No need to say thanks


I remember I kept suggesting a besieged city, with walls/barricades, and a quarenteen area.

And guess what happened :wink:

I believe i also got some other things implemented…

But time is short


I remember making a post on r/unturned about object ideas - specifically stores. I recommended a sports store and a month or so later Russia came out. Sports store in St. Petersburg. I doubt that was from my suggestion tho lol


I am 99.9% sure that I have influenced him to add the Pirate Cove in PEI, Pirate cosmetics (Set, Epaulets and jersey) and the Pirate Boss in Russia.


iirc I helped get us our glorious scarves added, after so much waiting. That’s the only one that matters to me. :)))

The rest pales in comparison. Reviewing trailers and giving feedback. Bug fix stuff (notably with econ). Storyline feedback stuff a couple of times. Some stuff I can’t remember because they weren’t related to scarves.

Yarr is also partly responsible for the epaulets, but only very minorly.


Aurora Borealis. I asked for it on the reddit with a concept and it got in


I never contributed. :cry:


I’ve suggested a lot of stuff, some got in but sadly I just don’t think any of it ever influenced the game, so the only real thing way I influenced 3.0 was reporting a Hawaii bug to G2M.


Unrelated to Unturned, but I once mailed Notch (on paper!) to add Emeralds to Minecraft a few months before rubies existed and sure enough, emeralds were added. I’ll never know if he actually read it, though. I also asked him to add nukes, make every object able to fall, and “make the weather cooler”


Dinnerbone is red-green colorblind, so they changed it (rubies to emeralds) shortly before release. :man_shrugging:


I remember asking Nelson to add the /teleport waypoint command after the waypoints just got added. He liked the idea so much he personally responded to my thread saying he added it to his to-do list. It felt good knowing that I actually contributed to something useful for once lol. Also, I don’t know if it’s true, but my forum suggestion for mutated wildlife may have somehow influenced the Carpat team to add mutant animals to their map, but then again, it might as well not have been the case.


suggesting that washington be called washington to nelson via a tweet, for the primarily selfish reason that i lived there and loved the game, threw in some stuff about the varying heights of the state and strong presence of the military and that there is a lot of pine, but mainly just wanted to be be able to play where i live. also, proof (note that Washington was released on September 18th, 2015, kinda just bullshit-proofing myself here) image


Top 10 anime reveals of all time


i guess another thing i also did that was tiny was a reddit post about how it was impossible to repair the hawkhound when it required pine wood to fix on PEI cause it used to have no pine trees.


i’m 99% sure i helped get the colimators (i.e. red dot, holo, kobra) changed from having their reticles pasted on the model to having them pasted to the center of the screen

actually no what i put here before is pretty big


I have no idea if I helped before actually

probably just the Rio map and that’s it


I gave Nelson the idea to the new Spectator Mode (F7) that got added a few days ago over DM.
He responded the same day and told me that showing names + healthbars are doable. Looks like he
added only names for now (HP bar could be added in the future? - I hope so).


I indirectly resulted in the implementation of the Socketwrench and the Placard sign.

Source: both additions coincided with the timing of two of my suggestion posts which got a significant amount of attention on the subreddit, back when Nelson was known for browsing it. I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time.