Whats up with the new monetization filter not working?

no monetization

any monetization

surely servers are, by default, marked as “non monetized” so why are all these servers that are not P2W being filtered?

Are you actually trying to get servers booted offline without a proper investigation, because if so this is probably the most scummy thing you’ve done yet if so. But anyways, it works fine for me.

(EDIT: I fucking read that wrong like a dumbass)

Isn’t the filter doing what it’s supposed to do?
Idk I haven’t been paying attention about monetization

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@Pesticide The filter’s working completely fine for me. Most servers are still mediocre even when labeled as non-monetized.

It defaults to “Unspecified”.

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As it should.

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then can yall add unspecified servers to the “no monetization” category? it makes sense that they should show up there until they get reported to SDG

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No. Theyre unspecified and if they want to get into “no monetization” then they can set it themselves.

anyway as I said, all servers should by default by “no monetization”. Servers that choose to be unfair, who put tens of hours into creating elaborate ranks and kits and advantages, can spare a minute marking their server as pay to win in the server config.

otherwise the filter was useless because the 90% of fair servers won’t utilize the filter because they don’t know it exists.

saying “haha fuck it let them figure it out” is not a solution. Nobody is going to go out of their way to report that a server is fair and get it in the fair filter. However users are going to go out of their way to report unfair servers because those users want a clean and fun serverlist.

So it either has to be extremely clear in the commands.dat or server hoster web panel to convey the idea, or more realistically, all servers aren’t monetized by default and unfair servers get reported to become filtered or etc.

this doesn’t have to be an argument because there is no valid counter argument(s). to clarify, “haha fuck it let them figure it out” is not a solution.

if the solution given isn’t put in place, then nobody can use the filters because no servers will show up there. Non monetized should be default, cosmetic only should include cosmetic rank servers+non monetized servers, and unfair servers should be totally filtered alone.

Nah, that does not make them money so no reason to. No amount of screeching will change that.

Why yes, it is.

The dat part made sense, the panel part does not. A hoster has no reason to give a rats arse.

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The monetization filter is not intended as a way to report every monetized server. Its purpose is to help increase visibility for non-P2W servers.

If the server-side setting defaulted to “None” then the filter would be full of incorrectly categorized servers, and a huge moderation effort would be needed to force the hosts to categorize themselves as P2W.


sooo yeah, essentially on top of not actually filtering unfair servers (because all the servers that do not have one-time purchases are somehow fair), hardly any servers will tag themselves as “no monetization”

there goes all of my effort in trying to make the serverlist better! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think this is the tipping point. The only subject I was ready to make a clear case on and none of the desired outcomes came out of it. Nobody won in any capacity, and even the one-time purchase servers are going to be fine because 99% of players aren’t going to use the monetization filter at all.

Seems like the server owning goons won.

To clarify, unfair servers are “unspecified”, i.e. they only show up when using the “All” filter. Regardless of one-time or non one-time purchases the monetization filters are to find servers that do not sell a gameplay advantage.

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Boggles my mind you still cant realize it was never about hurting monetized servers, and was solely about banning predatory purchases. Maybe one day you’ll learn. Probably not.

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yeah all the drama was for sure worth it

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“looks like all those regulations that didn’t get implemented is a win for the corporations”

“nO, I cANt BELIEve yOU dONT reaLIzE This wasN’t aBOUT rEGULaTIons AGAinST corpORaTiOns it was acTUalLy abOUT ReguLatIOns AGAINsT cORpoRATionS!!11!”

thankyou for spelling it out for me. I did not find this bit clear anywhere else, in update notes or what not.

Poor strawman. Youve dumbed it down to the most basic of basics in order to make it seem like the same thing, when under a more specified lense you can see they’re completely different.

The entire time you’ve treated this as a crusade against any and all p2w aspects of Unturned, to bring ultimate ruin to all p2w servers. You arent subtle about your hatred for these servers. And here you are now, in shock and awe as you are once again told it was never about bringing these servers down, and merely implementing basic consumer protection. You claim this was a failure despite all its goals being accomplished.


Use more small word I don’t understand