Whats Your Favorite Chocolate Brand?

I’m currently enjoying chocolates I really like that we get when we visit germany. Merci chocolates.
Sidenote: I might take the results and make a tier list out of them from personal opinion.


Milka probably


Cadbury milk

caramel mars


If you’re willing to shed like 100$, these merci chocos are so fucking worth it ngl

bruh that much for chocolates?

Yes, in fact, it’s about 105$

Do your parents buy it for you or?

They buy it for me.

Dude I’d feel like total crap if anyone got me $100 chocolates, much less repeatedly. $100 is a lot of money, even for more nutritious foods.

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Oh no. Bugger off, we are full.

Moser Roth, Lindt, Ritter mostly.

:slight_smile: hahahahah muahahah

Same here, I’d feel really bad with $100 chocolates (maybe the chocolate would make me feel better)

Kinder by a long shot. No other chocolate can even compete with the chocolate of a Ferrero family company.

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Ahh a salmonella enjoyer

Tony Chocolony :older_man:

Actaully No idea

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