What's your favorite kind of Unturned community content?

See title.
(or pluralized, “favorites”.)

  • SDG-sponsored community events
  • Game mods, server plugins, modules (client-side / server-side)
  • Curated maps
  • Artwork (digital / traditional)
  • Video creators, livestreamers
  • SDG interviews / AMAs

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What kinds of video entertainment do you enjoy out of the Unturned community?

  • Traditional gameplay
  • Gameplay tutorials
  • Modding/map-making tutorials
  • Roleplay series
  • Animations, or comedy sketches
  • – not applicable –

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What type of mods are you interested in?
  • Object/resource mods (map-making)
  • Structure/barricade mods (base building)
  • Clothing (e.g., shirts, vests, hats)
  • Weapons (e.g., makeshift handguns,
  • Vehicles (e.g., boats, tanks, cars)
  • Animals
  • Maps with vanilla content
  • Maps with custom content
  • High-poly mods
  • Low-poly mods
  • Localization mods

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Thanks Molton! This gives me a little better of an idea of how well my next mod will do.

not really. Asking a forum of elite users isn’t very representative of what the entire common community of the game would like. So if you’re basing “how well” your mod will be off popularity among the masses, then this is by no means a good statistic to use, but still one you could use nonetheless.


i really enjoy danaby2 arena/not arena maps


thus I am relevant


hi danaby !



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hell’o p 9nda, nice to finally meat you!


I love meat


why isn’t unturned rule 34 not included


You having 6000 hours still doesn’t make me an elite user.


nuke mod :the_anomaly:

Well, there can only be so many elites. And if we’re using hours as a form of determining elite status, then theres well over 1,000 people with more hours than you. Maybe 5,000 people. This site doesn’t include people who haven’t signed up on it.

By elite I was really refering to big community figures, or even smaller ones. Forumers are usually the “elites” who discuss the game and game meta, and even if they think they know so much, they aren’t the majority or common peoples opinion and never will be.

So just because we’re more involved in the game and it’s meta tan the average player, our opinions are suddenly invalid or less than the average players’?

Keep in mind Cryptogram said the survey gave him a “little bit better of an idea how my next mod will do”.

He never said that it’d be a massive success or a failure. Simply taking survey results of a small but dedicated group and saying that you think you’ll know the total playerbase’s feelings on said mod more accurately based off what’s currently popular isn’t wrong.

Yeah, that’s wrong. Half of the ‘elite’ doesn’t play the game and contributions on forum are hardly meaningful. Just being old-timer doesn’t make your opinion more valuable right now.


oh yeah i am very elite yes yes 100% don’t mind me

to be fair, though
who outside the forum is going to read the community updates

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