What's your favourite vanilla loadout?


I would like to divide this into 2 sections;
a) Only obtainable items - no cosmetics
b) + unobtainable items - again, no cosmetics.

This is a list of unobtainable items; the Colonel Kepi is missing though.


My favourite loadouts are;
a) Hat: Fedora or Spec Ops Beret - Mostly for good looks.
Glasses (I think that’s what the slot is called): Military Nightvision or Headlamp - Since those are good
Mask: Gasmask - if I find it
Top: Thief Top
Bottom: Theif Bottom
Vest: Spec Ops Vest - if I find it
Backpack: Alicepack - of course
b) Only the hat changes; Colonel Kepi

  • Military nightvision
  • Tophat or Military Helmet
  • Gasmask or Hockey Mask
  • Cargo Pants or Thief Bottom
  • Spec Ops Vest
  • Alicepack or Spec Ops Rucksack

When I’m memeing:

  • Gasmask
  • Picklehaube
  • Snorkel
  • Aegis Security Top
  • Red Scarf
  • Biohazard Bottom


The memeing one sounds epic.


On creative i’ll choose:

  • Ghillie shirt
  • Ghillie Pants
  • Ghillie Vest
  • Ghillie Mask
  • Alice
  • Timberwolf or shadowstalker (yes ima tryhard)
  • Calling card for secondary


idk, i havent played 3.0 recently enough to remember the name of the crud i use


• Military helmet
• Alicepack
• Military nightvision
• Balaclava
• Cargo pants
• Spec ops vest
• Spec ops top
• Maplestrike, Genaugewehr, Augewehr or zubeknakov


I see your using the PATHETIC noob loadout. The real strat is:

Mili helm
Mili vest
Green balaclava
Ghillie top
Ghillie or mili bottom
Suppressed Snayperskya
Tree glitch or build up a tree



no hat
plaid shirt
rcmp bottom
civilian vest
hawkhound with hunting scope or musket and makeshift bat for secondary


actually i prefer to call it the “bush camper”


The tree strat is better though because nobody looks up.


My favorite Loadout.

Head: Forest Military Helmet
Military Nightvision (Likely turned off)

Chest: Forest Military Vest
Green Shirt (For looks.)

Back: Green Daypack
2 Military Drums
2 Ranger Drums
Some Bloodbags

Forest Military Bottoms

Weapon Loadout (On hand and in vest)
Primary: Zubeknakov
Adaptive + Vert + Muzzle + Dot

2nd Primary: Maplestrike
( For longer distance + spamming )
Adaptive + Vert + Muzzle + Chevron

Secondary: Blowtorch
( For when you gotta camp those doors during raids. )


Yall are plebs, my loadout is:

Netherlands Military Helmet
Netherlands Military Vest
Netherlands Military Top
Netherlands Military bottoms

The Jäger assault rifle
The Skorpion sub machine gun

I also bring loads of different explosions and jars of ragu

shit wait these have to be vanilla?

thats it


Tree Climbing skill confirmed for UII