What's your opinion on Star Trek?

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Just like what the title says. What’s your opinion on Star Trek? (Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, etc, etc, etc.)

Personally Star Trek has a special place in my heart. Contrary to popular opinion, Deep Space Nine is probably my favorite Star Trek series.

I like Star Trek, Voyager is my favorite series but then the new movies are also really awesome. It is enjoyable and something that I have enjoyed watching with my Family and in my free time.

I’m actually watching Voyager right now. It’s been pretty cool so far.

Not really someone who would be considered a fan of it, but I do enjoy watching the original series with my father on those channels that play old shows every once in a while, among other shows, such as Hogan’s Heroes, Gilligan’s Island, and the Andy Griffith Show.

It’s a shame the Original Series was canceled after only 3 seasons.

Like it, not sure I’m happy with how Discovery is going though.

Favorite has to be DS9.

My main problem with Discovery so far is the design of the ship. It’s just… ew

I think it’s far too PC for me to watch.

StarCraft > Star Wars > Star Trek

I never watched any Star Trek serie/movie. Are there any that you can recommend to start with ?

I’d say start at TNG. The original series was good, and had that classic 60’s vibe, but watch Next Generation.

Special order to start with ? Is it the same story/characters/time or always different ?

Go straight from beginning to end. TOS didn’t have a coherent storyline, so each episode was separate from the previous. However, every Star Trek show afterwards does have a plotline that continues each episode.

Thank you for the infos !