Whats your Prediction for 2019


Basically what do you think will happen in 2019

My predictions are that Bethesda is gonna fuck up another game, Logan Paul will do some more stupid shit, Ea will get into more controversy, Maybe more info on new tech and the Mars Mission.

Even that tetris movie

Happy New Years bois


So business as usual then?


pretty much

mostly negative, i have the feels it will be literally 2018 all over again


Hopefully there won’t be so much death at least.


Another terrible Youtube Rewind.


i place 100 hundred dollars that it will happend


Unturned II will come out.


i predict that there will not be one, but SEVERAL bruh moments


it will be another shit year
except for unturned 2 of course


1984 will take full effect


Or at least the public beta for it .__.



Anticipated games will fail.


Unturned II Bases >:)


The doomsday clock will hit 12 a clock or get closer


Brazil: will go ape shit with the Bolsonaro government, Battle Royale is planned
Memes: we’ll get new variations of steamed hams and uganda knuckles.
Fortnite: Epic Games will do a whoopsie (again) next season, leading them to vault an item added 1 hour after it’s release. Fortnite will lose it’s popularity to another game.
Unturned: Nelson will release another beta. Rio will be released. Greece 2 is confirmed.
Worldwide: Trump will do a whoopsie, something bad might happen in Europe.


i have a feeling Fortnite will last as long as Overwatch does. They both had same the popularity and might die together.


World War III


We did it reddit.


reddit will force its new layout onto everyone and chaos will ensue


reddit will force its new layout onto everyone and chaos will ensue