Whelp this sucks

I’m going to be gone for 3 days, so I will lose all my progress on the visit once a day for 365 days badge… Dammit… I was like 3 quarters of the way through…

I might just give up with the forum after that, I dunno… Probably not tho.

Cyall in 3 days, where I will be super depressed after the loss of the progress on that badge…


I am already 37x days, but got no badge, at least wasn’t notified

Imagine caring about an artificial ladder :sunglasses:

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Spend 3 quarters of a year doing something with the hope of reaching a goal, then it all gets ruined…

You have to visit once a day, every day. You get the 100 day badge first, then the 365 day badge afterwards.

I haven’t missed a day, and that’s a fact… Until tomorrow, and the day after…

My point was that it’s just a badge, you’ve shown your dedication to this Forum for long enough, you don’t have to prove it to anyone but yourself.


It’s not that I really want to show that I’m dedicated to it, more of its a personal goal… I… Dunno…

Where can I check how many days in a row I’ve been on?

Kind of a show off overhaul no ? ‘’ I’m one of the 4 people to have the empathetic badge. I was the third person to get the empathetic badge’’

I was proud of the fact that I had it, but then 50 other people got it.

I just doubt I’ll keep coming for a whole nother year

Hand me over your account deets so I can log in to make sure you don’t lose your streak :wink:


What’s going on in the next few days for you?

I’ll be up in the mountains with no service

That sucks. I guess the only thing you can do to maintain it is to do what L0ST5ILVER said and hand it over to someone for a few days. Someone very trustworthy though.

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Looking in the admin panel there isn’t an option to mark you as active for the three days, but there is a feature to “impersonate user”. If you like I could impersonate you for the next three days to see if that counts.


Give me your account info I’ll log in for you

not my fault if you get back to 20 anime shitpost threads under your name

That would be nice, even if it doesn’t work, thanks for trying!

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Hey AJ, Don’t quit the forum just because you couldn’t reach a goal my friend. People lose a lot of things, but you know what? They keep pushing forward, Don’t let this one little mishap cause you so much pain, i wish i could do something but i can’t. I hope Nelson can do something to make sure you don’t lose your progress, but even if he can’t, don’t let it be the end of the world for you my friend, i know i sound like i’m trying to kiss your behind, but i’m not. I just don’t wanna see a regular on the forum of my favorite game quit because something messed up.


His issue isn’t quitting the forums, it’s the fact that he is going somewhere with basically no internet connection for a few days.

Great that you thought of saying that though.
And I just realized that he said he may quit so uhhhh yeah.
Nice choice of words I guess.