When can we get a fix for scope quality?



On the left two, you can clearly see it’s just a night photo. The top one is no zoom, the bottom is zoomed in (with a Chevron). In the bottom two photos you can see some subtle picture quality / distortion on the PEI one, but on the France one it’s beyond broken.

Here’s an amplified version of the bottom two pictures to examplify what I mean

This is ridiculous, and makes it hard to even use a scope at night on maps like France that have really “bad” / low map lighting. I’d like to see this fixed - and it’s pretty ridiculous it isn’t normal to begin with.

Edit: FYI, this was on Ultra quality. When quality is set to off there is no dual-rendering, and therefore the original top image is the kind of image you get when zoomed


Tbh, I don’t see a problem. Just get used to it.


Not being able to see something I’m sniping at seems like something I should “just get used to” I suppose.


Try to scope on anything at night irl. You won’t get brighter image


is the issue that you can’t see through the scope at night because it’s too dark? couldn’t you just use a nightvision scope?


He could also rush the guys


The issue is that the dual-render creates such a distorted, broken image that its pretty disgusting. I can see the normal game just fine without NVG


I can’t see a thing neither with and without scoping, but the zoom makes brighter elements bigger, which helps to spot a dark character easier. And it doesn’t distort the image,either (from my personal opinion). Maybe it’s because of FoV or you played Battlefield too much
It shouldn’t be easy to scope at freaking night when you can’t see anything
EDIT: I raised the brightness on my laptop screen, and indeed the details are seen much better in the scope. Maybe you should go and buy glasses :\


Look at the middle bottom one

Compare it to the same exact image (right) except it’s zoomed in with a scope.

You tryna tell me that theres zero difference?


Only it’s zoomed in


Oh,wait,on PEI it’s zero difference
On france there is some color coding bits lost. BUT ANYWAYS IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL


goddamn dude, chill lmao


If you tell one to chill, he’ll just get angrier :3


there is no need for all caps, that just makes you sound like an angry 12 year old


There is no difference


whats the difference between the 6

o right, nothing


are you saying the color range is lower?
i don’t think really anyone understands what you mean when you say its “lower quality”


nelson probably dedicated less bits of colour or whatever to the scope to make it more performance efficient. I guess a kind of fix (without increasing lag in the game) would be to make the background use less colours and make the scope have full epic 24 bit 16.7 million colours omg when zoomed in


I think a better fix it to add a config option to increase the bits to normal, or a scope quality higher than Ultra. But that sounds cool, too

If you can’t see the different, then I guess you won’t understand.


Completely agree i have been wanting this fix for ages. I would love to use the far superior (as in better looking) scope quality on but this is probably one the biggest reasons for me not using it