When editing multiple .dat files, how do you all do it?

When editing multiple .dat files, how do you all do it? Are you opening them one by one in Notepad or Visual Studio and editing each file? Or are you using some other software to open them all together and save them together for editing?

I’ve been making mods by opening and editing them one by one, and I found it very troublesome. So, I was wondering how everyone else does it.

Notepad++ allows to open mutliple files, similarly to browser tabs.


It also has TON of useful functions like finding keywords in files and replacing them etc.

In addition to that you can change default program for opening specific file extensions, it’s worth doing that so you always open .dat files with Notepad++.


Thank you! I have additional questions. Can this app open multiple files all at once? Or do I have to click on each file individually to open it? Also, does the search/replace function allow me to search within all files at once across multiple tabs? Or can it only search within one file at a time?

With Visual Studio Code, drag the entire folder in.

You can open entire folders as a ‘workspace’ and have them and their contents displayed like so:

double clicking from here opens them. After opening multiple files you can save your session and then open it all back with one click, I’m not sure of a way to open multiple files with one click but chances are there is a way.

It indeed allows you to search directories.


Your best bet is just downloading it and then just googling your questions as there is a lot of resources and I’m not knowledgable on all the features it has.


Second to Renaxon’s posts, N++ is extremely good and is a must have utility for desktop work, let alone Unturned modding.

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