When GHJ tries to make clothing for the first time

Can we get an F for my man Police Top


Somehow in the nine Unity screenshots you sent me, you managed to obscure your version of Unity every time.

What version of Unity are you using?

Version 5.5.4f1

However, for once this emotional roller coaster had a happy ending!


If it’s a craft-able. Do you have to craft it with a Blue hoodie and a white tee shirt?

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I like the look of that XD, fits my generic game avatar look XD

Yes, I’ve designed this mod to give the illusion of layering multiple pieces of clothing.

When it’s done, you can craft these with the combined individual inner and outer layers respectively (e.g. a hoodie and a shirt), and as an added bonus, they both provide their combined protection ratings and can be salvaged for the amount of cloth you’d get from both individual clothing pieces.


wow, J, this is defiantly gonna be a popular mod XD, I wish you luck!

I’ve been having this bug for awhile, what did you do to fix it?

I went full ham and used an entirely different tutorial, starting from scratch. Apparently there’s a lot of steps I didn’t need or prolonged unnecessarily. Falken’s tutorial in the Modject should do the trick.

In 2 days I went from clueless in clothing to being able to make some from memory in about 60 seconds.

Hmm, I just used the example nelson provided

oof, nice work though man

Nice sans undertale top

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In my defense I’ve never played Undertale.

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Arent you menna be using 5.5.5? Tried making a model but then found out i was using the wrong version. Probably a correlation there.

Any version of 5.5 works fine, but as you can see in my first comment above I already got it to work. It was an issue completely unrelated to the build of Unity.


Unity 5.5.3f1 is the version Unturned runs on. Any 5.5.x version will suffice.

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fuck i wanna make clothes, how do i make clothes

you mess with the example files, you can find them in Unturned\Bundles\Sources