When i use firefighter armor vs fire zombie boss

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Stale meme

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ay! i never asked for your opinion :c

Please ask for my opinion. :frowning:

Too bad, NORMIE.

Not a Modject approved dank maymay

wat /s

In all honesty this is a low-effort meme, and isn’t even that funny. Usually you try and try to poke fun at a clearly broken mechanic of the game. Raiding would be a good example because it’s as balanced as a Jenga Tower three hours into a game. That and there’s no original content… This format has been used so many times there’s a meme market saturated with clones, all it takes is another ‘witty’ title to break the camel’s back on what’s funny and what isn’t.

(And this concludes this week’s episode of Meme Critic)


“feel free to practice memes”

Well i’m sorry mr. perfect

s t a l e m e m e

t h e n s a y s o m e o n e t o d e l e t e i t

Atleast you gave an fair critic except the others.

For shame, that’s not the correct usage. Don’t abuse the system now.

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Did somebody flag it?

Reports post
‘Reason: S T A L E M E M E S’

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What happened?

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