When the player use the inventory with a backpack

Id like when a player have a backpack and then he enter in the inventory, it will be a new animation:

  1. Without backpack: he search in the pockets
  2. With backpack: he drop off the backpack and pulls the zipper to see what’s in the backpack
    I wished this from Unturned 3.x.

This would be a cool addition. There’s already a ton more animations coming in II so I could see this fitting in

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I remember seeing these kinds of animations in The Last Of Us. It’s very clever, even if the player’s body blocks view of the backpack’s contents in third person. In first person, it could be the player’s arms going into and out of the pack as well.

Maybe if you’re inspecting or managing the nested storage of something within your inventory, you should pull it out of whatever clothing it’s stored in.

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